Housing Authority Employee Charged with Stealing Rent Money

SUSQUEHANNA -- A woman from Susquehanna County faced charges of stealing the rent money she was supposed to collect at an apartment complex. After blaming the housing authority for her actions, the woman finally had her day in court.

Pamela Rockwell was in district court Thursday in New Milford. Shielding herself from our cameras, the Susquehanna County Housing Authority employee then drove off after being arraigned for stealing thousands of dollars from renters at the Prospect Park Apartments in Susquehanna.

“Charges have been filed. Our office has received information that a crime has been committed and Pennsylvania State Police have filed charges and we intend to prosecute the matter,” said Susquehanna County Assistant District Attorney Bill Urbanski.

The district attorney tells Newswatch 16 this started when Rockwell would steal rent money that was paid in cash. This went on for months totaling close to $11,000. She told investigators she took the money to pay for living expenses.

Susquehanna residents Newswatch 16 spoke with couldn't believe something like that would happen in their quiet community.

“That ain't right. It's a shame that this occurred,” said Dennis Fiske.

“People out here they can't afford to pay their rent and to do them up like that it's not right at all it's ridiculous,” said Larry Bishop.

The Susquehanna Housing Authority had no comment on Pamela Rockwell's job status.

A court hearing is scheduled for some time next month.


  • ain'ta or no

    Not sure who is more stupid, the guy that robbed the place wearing his mom’s see thru nylons or this p.o.s. work for/earn your money people.

    • Bill K.

      EXACTLY my point, FakeNews. The housing authority isn’t following GAAP if they allow one person to handle cash all alone. This is stuff they teach in accounting 101 (literally!)

  • seen it all

    Don’t all govt. jobs prey on the poor ? Now all the welfare housing can’t be held accountable for their non payments and taxpayers lose even more . Is this Union and they won’t fire her ? Or relations ?

  • Bill K.

    Once again, someone isn’t following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices). You NEVER, EVER have just one person handling cash, checks or collection money. Person 1 counts the money and records it on an audit slip. Person 2 counts the money and records it on another audit slip. Then they swap. Or someone else comes in and checks them both. In any even, it looks like the housing authority is partially to blame since they’re not following GAAP to start with.

  • Oh well

    She probably figures everyone else in Pennsylvania is doing it, (volunteer firefighters, judicial employees, politicians, NEPA Mafia, casino employees, Union leaders) so why not her? Except she’ll probably get punished.

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