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Where’s Kevin? The Search for State Rep. Haggerty Continues

DUNMORE -- For a third straight day, State Rep Kevin Haggerty (D-Dunmore) has been an "unexcused" no-show at the state Capitol.

His Democratic colleagues in Harrisburg have begun marking his absences as “unexcused,” and if Haggerty hits five unexcused absences in a row, he could be held in contempt of the House.

Joe Sabia of Eynon has spent the past couple months taking the Democratic lawmaker who represents the 112th District to task at meetings and on social media.

“To make $87,000 plus a year to represent us, he thumbed his nose at us and said, 'You know what? I'm not going to go [to work],” said Sabia. “Because he took the easy way out, he's using his children and his divorce as an excuse to stay home and not work.”

At Haggerty's office in the Dunmore Community Center, the room was open but empty.

Staff for the community center would only say that Haggerty had been in the office that morning but left.

State Rep. Mike Schlossberg (D-Allentown) of Lehigh County was the one to mark Haggerty's third absence as unexcused.

In a statement, Schlossberg said, “The people of the 112th District have been without a voice in Harrisburg since July, and while we are all sympathetic towards the representative's family situation, balancing work and family life are a requirement of any public official.”

In Haggerty's hometown of Dunmore, people agree.

“You know, I don't think he should get paid if he's not doing the job that he's supposed to be doing,” said Pat Conway.

Posted on Haggerty's Facebook page at 6:30 yesterday morning, he continued to push a bill that would eliminate school property taxes. Then he went on to post a quote from the movie character Rocky Balboa.

Part of that reads "The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place”.

“I want to know how as a constituent we can fire him because this is absurd what he's doing to our district, we're a joke down in Harrisburg,” said Sabia.

Today the State House broke for Christmas and will not reconvene until January 22. That means whatever happens to Haggerty won't be determined until next year.


  • Point Dexter

    Slimy, bum politician. In the real world you get fired for not showing up for your job. Could this be part of why PA is ranked 46 out 50 states in how well its run?

  • Matt

    Pretty sure when you don’t show up for anything after like a week without an excuse, it generally means you’ve quit, been kidnapped, are dead, or nearly dead. If you haven’t checked in and you still have a job after a week, pretty sure you shouldn’t have a job.

  • HM


  • 🤔

    Why are they waiting until he hits 5 unexcused absences? He’s missed over 200 votes since July. They should have him resign now and not wait until January. It’s just nonsense. He’s obviously not capable of doing the job. Get someone in there that can represent the people of Dunmore. I don’t live there but they deserve someone who is going to help them.

  • Marc G.

    All politicians should follow his lead. State legislature should meet 2 weeks a year. Constant new laws are the problem.

  • Maura

    No one finds it unexceptable that the house breaks on Dec. 13th till Jan 22nd? No one thinks that’s a problem? What are they college kids? Haggerty aside (he’s not worth the typing). We are being taken by all of them. What a disgrace. Who else gets a break like that over the holidays?

    • warningfakenews

      To be fair, that they aren’t in session doesn’t mean they aren’t working. They could be in their district, meeting with constituents, attending functions, that sort of thing. Being in session for voting is only one of their duties. Are they overpaid? Yes, you bet. PA reps enjoy generous pay and benefits second only to CA.

      • Make Me Safe

        Oh, nonsense. These people make nearly 100K per year to represent those of us who make less than 25K. The perks that these people enjoy are enough to raise eyebrows, let alone this overblown sense of self-importance that THIS man’s divorce is somehow more dramatic than anyone else’s has been. GO TO WORK, IDIOT. Unless one is subpoenaed to appear in court or for negotiations, this man should be appearing for work. Every day.

        Representatives do not garner weeks away from their jobs. Until January 22? Are you kidding? Try demanding that from the boss at KMar* or Buffuffallo Wild Wings or Asche Hardware! LOL!!!

  • Laurie

    It’s a shame what Kevin Haggerty is doing!!! He is our voice !! I’m all about family,and also know people get divorced everyday , and yes it’s hard on children, but as much as he is a father he has a job that he is getting paid well for. Kevin you need to show up for work and represent the people that voted for you , and the people that did not vote for you !! I find no reason why Kevin can not go to work and be with his children at night and weekends like every other parent does. With that being said. Kevin PLEASE go to work and represent us along with taking care of your family!! If you can’t figure a way to do both well then be a man and resign your position and take care of your family. Do the right thing!!

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