Victim Dies, Two Arrested in Wayne County Home Invasion

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LEHIGH TOWNSHIP -- A man from Wayne County has died after a violent home invasion at his home last week.

It happened at a home on Evergreen Drive in Lehigh Township near Gouldsboro late Friday night.

Police say four men charged in wearing bandanas over their faces, trashing the place, beating Joseph Stengline Jr. and his father, Joseph Stengline Sr.

Wednesday night, the Lackawanna County coroner said Joseph Stengline Sr., 62, had died.

Police say the attack was not random, but they would not say more than that.

"Not cool, not cool at all. It's a really quiet neighborhood. We're very surprised I guess because nothing like that ever happens here,” said neighbor David Woods.

On Monday, Coneil Moore, 30, of Tobyhanna, who is also known as "Murda," was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

On Wednesday, Darian Daniels of Tobyhanna was arrested and charged with the same.

Police said those charges will now be upgraded to homicide.

Officials say they beat Stengline Sr. so badly, he broke ribs and suffered a brain bleed.

According to court papers, Stengline was beaten with a handgun and the attackers stomped on his head repeatedly.

Many people who live in this quiet, wooded area are afraid after what happened.

"We're just shocked that it was in our neighborhood. You've got an uneasy feeling about what's going on so close to home.,” said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Joseph Stengline Jr. suffered cuts and a broken shoulder. He told police he knows Moore, one of the attackers.

"It really sucks that they're going to come into a quiet neighborhood and just bother people, you know what I mean? No reason for any of that crap to be happening around here. I'm tired of it,” said Woods.

The search continues for two others involved in the attack.


  • Think Positive

    So true. These types of violent criminals, and pedophiles, don’t belong on the planet, let alone in the neighborhoods of good, law-abiding, hard-working citizens and children. They should be dealt with quick, and taken out of society permanently. That should include prison isolation, so they can’t spread their hatred, as well as no communication with the outside world. Anything other than that, is not a real punishment.

  • Nikki girl

    it’s sad that the ghetto goons are ruining parts of the Poconos. You can take the goon out of the ghetto, but cannot take the ghetto out of the goon. Unfortunately, as the cost of living in NYC continues to increase, more and more ghetto goons will be relocating to areas that have buses into NYC.

    • New Yorker

      You sound so IGNORANT. “Ghetto goons” don’t come from NY most of these people are born and raised in PA. Every part of the world has bad people. When something bad happens everyone is so quick to say “oh New Yorkers” my family is from NY and would never do anything like this. We actually help the community and the less fortunate. What do you do to help better you’re community besides sit here and blame it on NEW YORKERS?

  • jack u

    fake news,,,the not cool guy was laughing…bad crisis actor and whats that i see on the wall behind.. buy now sky ,

  • spooky skooky

    The photo looks like he has safety glasses on.. That would mean he is a shop teacher or has cheap ass eye doctor.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        because I am weak? Things would be a lot different if I was handing out the punishments for crimes like these.

    • Capt. Bogart

      First off our nation’s judicial system has failed to protect the people. If its intent was to make money, then the Judicial system has achieved success. In our county, law enforcement risks their lives arresting these people, then the Judicial system fines them, then continues to use the revolving door on these criminals. The Judicial System keeps releasing these people back out to commit their next crime. The system is already counting money from their next occurrence.

  • seen it all

    What pieces of crap , and they will still protect the other 2 murderers . What retarded herd mentality individuals think of such a plan ? Four able bodied individuals should have opened a roofing business if they wanted money . I guess the lure of life in prison is too great ?

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