Talkback 16: Nativity Scene

This edition of Talkback 16 focuses on the manger scene that had been moved in Carbondale because a group threatened to sue the city.


  • Lee

    Those opposed to nativity and religious items remember back in the 60’s how 1 person started the removal of God from Schools and look where the schools are now with the standards that are in them. When you take God out of anything it WILL fail and now look at our country it is in complete failure by some bringing up sexual things from many years ago and I wonder if they are being paid to do it or what but we are all judged in the end plus the Russian situation which when the Democrats was thinking they was going to win they said no way could the Russians interfere with the elections. I am not blaming Mr. Trump at all and I think he is trying to do what he can but there is a bunch that is trying there best to destroy him and the party and the country and just keep trying to take God out of everything else and the judgment will come and I would not want to be in the shoes of those that are against God.

    • 🤔

      I totally agree with you Lee. This world is so corrupt now because God has been taken out of everything and it’s completely and utterly sad.

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