Delivery Driver Dies After Being Shot at East Stroudsburg University

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- The victim of a shooting on the campus of East Stroudsburg University has died.

The coroner confirms Richard Labar died at the hospital around 9 p.m. Tuesday. His death has been ruled homicide and an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

Lebar was shot in the face early Monday morning on the campus of East Stroudsburg University.

Now the three people involved face homicide charges for the deadly ambush.

The Lehigh County coroner's office says Lebar, 58, of East Stroudsburg died around 9 p.m. Tuesday at  Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest near Allentown.

The Domino's delivery driver was responding to a fake order, when he was shot in the face around 1:30 a.m. Monday just outside the ROTC building on campus.

According to state police, Israel Berrios, 17, his girlfriend, Carolina Carmona, 30, and her brother Salvador Roberts, 21, will now all face homicide charges. Arrest papers indicate the three wanted to rob the delivery driver but ended up shooting him.

During the preliminary arraignment, Berrios admitted to pulling the trigger.

According to the Monroe County district attorney, charges against the three are now upgraded to murder, robbery, and conspiracy-related charges.


  • sick of fake news

    These subhumans need to get the death penalty NOW–not YEARS from now– and that idiot Wolf and the rest of the bleeding hearts who want to make excuses for why these contemptible life forms should not be wiped off the face of the earth need to get real and have compassion for the victim of this despicable act of cowardice and greed.

    Someone trying to earn a living legitimately only to be senselessly killed by human trash like this for no reason deserves justice.

      • El-Ma

        Are you trolling, or do you truly believe that seeking the capital punishment for the shooter in this case is equal to another oppressive cultural approach?

        If you had any concept of what Share ee yah Law is all about, you’d hide your face in shame for ever attempting to equate our system of justice to one of tribal vengeance. Honor killings? You agree with that sick notion?

        These people were involved in the brutal murder of someone who was just doing their job. Anyone who has the ability to shoot another human being in the face at point-blank range with a shotgun cannot be allowed to exist within civilized society. Cry about “civilization vs. execution” all you wish. In this country, you’re provided that guarantee to voice your opinion even if it’s retarded. Take a little jaunt to some of the nations that practice the very law that you are comparing Capital Punishment to and see how long you last without having your head neatly separated from your shoulders because you offended a violent, oppressive religious law. Please. Go. Write back if they let you keep your hands.

  • senseless

    these low life scum should be shot on sight.
    no jury
    no long prison term
    no cot and 3 hots
    not at the taxpayers expense.
    I hope some1 executes them.
    This poor victim’s family.
    Such a tragedy, may they find peace.

  • Joel

    Wow, what a fine holiday season his wife, kids and grand kids are going to have. Goes to deliver a pizza in and gets his face taken off and life extinguished by garbage of society. Nice, 58 years old to go out like that. Freaking disgusting. Keep bringing them in and housing them East Stroudsburg !!

  • Supporter of America

    So sad for the driver’s family and friends. : ( I really hope the judge finds a nice high and strong branch. Life in prison for these three “humans” is too good for them. The days of the chain gangs should also be brought back and hard labor for actual “HARD TME.” Want to act like animals then that is how they should be treated, let the liberals cry all they want.

      • Joel

        Think about it?? Yeah, they’re not going to think about it, not in a remorse sense Jim, didn’t care about shooting the guy. The only remorse they”ll have is a change in their thug life, but they’ll join in with the rican prison gang. The fine lady won’t get to have her meth and stuff so she gets her face scabbed up anymore. Nothing for them to think about other than 3 warm meals a day and no concerns as we carry them for their lives. Thanks to governor Wolfbait there is a hold on the death penalty, that’s great..thanks Tom.

      • JP

        Because wolf hasn’t reinstated it that’s why. Every gov. So far is a pussy. We need one with two big ones between his legs.

      • Rick

        Pennsylvania HAS the death penalty we have more people on death row than almost any other state they just never use it and it has nothing to due with Tom Wolfe lmfao. There’s been 3 Republican governors and 2 Democratic governors hold office since the last execution. I know I know we don’t care about facts it’s the Democrats fault roflmao.

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