Floral Business in Forest City Back in Bloom after Fire

FOREST CITY -- A decades-old flower shop in Susquehanna County has set up shop across the street from its former location which burned this past summer.

The owners say their plans make the best out of a bad situation.

The owners of Ros-Al Floral in Forest City lost a 37-year-old business and their home in the fire back in August.

They never stopped selling flowers, but they are now officially in their new location and already have plans for the old one.

Paul Daugevelo will tell you making a go of it in small business can be tough, especially when the fire hit his shop.

"I thought it was over for the moment, you know, until all my friends showed up, then it wasn't. So, we're going forward and they helped. I had all my friends to help me and here I am," Daugevelo said.

Ros-Al Floral is beginning to get back to normal in its new location on Main Street in Forest City, right across the street from its location of 37 years. It and two other buildings burned back in August.

Paul and his partner Christopher Glinton were only able to salvage one thing and they took it as a sign.

"When we saw it being torn down, we saw the angel, which was in the window over there."

The angel and others in the form of good friends helped them move in across the street. A customer gave them two new parrots; theirs died in the fire.

"Every day it gets a little easier, and right now it's beautiful out there because there's snow on the ground. We live in northeast Pennsylvania! And it's nice to look and see that, but it's bittersweet," said Christopher Glinton.

But they have plans for the empty lot they still own. They hope to build a community meeting space they say Main Street in Forest City has needed.

It's a way to thank the community that has continued to support them.

"My customers, I've been in business for 37 years, stuck by me. They called me. They came here. That's what is making me go forward," Daugevelo added.

State police were never able to determine what caused the fire that destroyed Ros-Al, several apartments, a karate studio, and damaged a funeral home.

The owners of Ros-Al say they hope to build on the site in Forest City come spring.



    the story says the florists lost their home. they did not. There self serving need for press is hardly newsworthy since it failed to mention the victims who lost their homes and it’s Christmas. newsworthy is how these two and their best friends couldn’t spell the word conscience, let alone display signs of having one … tammy mal best seller

  • a cigarette didn't burn 3 building down

    its obelenus. her ousted fire chief husband knew he would be fightin a fire on main st that night. buildings gone but truth always wins

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