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Vandals Hit Historic Covered Bridge Causing Hundreds of Dollars in Damage

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP -- Pictures of smashed wood sprawled out in the grass and roadway were taken near Danville. That broken wood used to be part of height clearance sign on the historic Keefer Mill Bridge.

The mess left by vandals late last month has since been cleared. But the damage to the covered bridge remains.

“That means people have no respect for anything. I think it's wrong and ignorant and people should be prosecuted,” said Tim Kelly.

Montour County Commissioner Trevor Finn says this is the only covered bridge in Montour County.

The height clearance signs on both sides were meant to prevent too-tall trucks from getting stuck or possibly collapsing the one lane bridge.

“It's awful. It's a shame. It's part of our history. We take great pride in our history and the bridge is unique,” said Finn.

“Although some repairs have been made to the Keefer Mill Covered Bridge, there are still some parts that are damaged.

Finn says those repairs will take some time.

The 15-foot-high bridge uses square entrances and has been a pathway over the water since the 1800s.

“You know we have great people. We are second to none in the size of our hearts, and yes, for something like this to happen is just a shame, and I hope whoever did it comes forward and admits what they did wrong,” said Finn.

County commissioners believe the bridge will be fully restored in the spring.

State police are looking for any information on who damaged the Keefer Mill Covered Bridge.


  • Lloyd schmucatelli

    I miss my grandparents.

    I miss the times when people cared about history.

    All that remains in this country are gods unwanted children.

    • almost the news

      As one who has traveled outside of our borders a little, I’ve noticed that other civilized nations embrace and endear their history and cultural treasures. Here in the good ‘ole USA, we tear down monuments, demolish old buildings instead of preserving them, and allow people to destroy property with no recourse.Remember the people that spray-painted the rocks at Boulder Field? Try finding a picnic table in a park that hasn’t been engraved. Take notice to all the garbage along our highways. We’re pigs with no respect. It’s our culture now and we’re to blame. RIP America, you were great once.

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