Pennies For Pediatrics: Students Brighten Holidays for Other Kids

SCRANTON -- Little kids with big hearts in Scranton -- students at an elementary school are trying to help children stuck in the hospital at Christmas have a happy holiday.

"We did a special holiday project called Pennies for Pediatrics."

And those pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters from students at Robert Morris Elementary bought decorations and comfort items for patients at Commonwealth Health Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton.

"I want them to feel better, so I brought in $15 in coins," said student Nathan Gola.

Gola and his classmates collected nearly $300.

Nurses from Moses Taylor came to the school on Boulevard Avenue to see what that money bought and to say "thank you."

"Those nice furry blankets, that's going to be awesome. The socks, the sippy cups, the band-aids, every little bit helps," said nurse Andrea Kocher.

Nurses say the pediatric ward has been busy lately, and they expect it to stay that way through the holidays. That's why every donated penny is so important.

"I like seeing the nurses come here and them being so happy that we got things for the children at the hospital," said student Jolie Cook.

Even after everything was purchased, there was money left over. It was turned in to gift cards turned over to the Moses Taylor nurses to buy whatever the children need.

Of course, this is a story about giving but it's also a lesson for the students at Robert Morris Elementary -- remembering the spirit of Christmas and being kind to those less fortunate at the holidays

Students have been collecting Pennies for Pediatrics, for nearly 20 years.

"It gives them a chance to be part of the community and to do something for the sick children," explained teacher Pam Krupski.

Plus, the nurses left with more than gifts for the children. They were given a little entertainment and a lot of smiles.