New Home in Susquehanna County Built by Students

DIMOCK TOWNSHIP -- The final touches are being put on a brand new 2,100-square-foot home near Dimock. Everything under the roof wasn't the work of professionals, but rather future pros -- students at Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center.

"We started doing the shingles on the roof. Now we're doing finishing touches on the inside. (It's) crazy to think of all the things we've done," said junior Dominick Filer.

For many of these students, this is their fourth year working on the three-bedroom home. They even made kitchen cabinets, all with the help of teachers including Gary Fenton.

"Instead of building something in the shop and tearing it apart, they're building something that will be here forever," said Fenton.

An open house is scheduled next Tuesday. Interested buyers can submit bids to the Elk Lake School District. The finished product is the fourth home built through the Career and Technology Center.

"I'm very surprised. It turned out very well, good experience building this house. I learned a lot," said senior Brendan Kelly.

"It's more of a learning experience than try to make a profit on the house, more for the kids to learn from, great experience to bring the classroom out here," Fenton added.

Now that these students have finished building their fourth home, they can put the profits that they make from the sale into building another home which will turn out to be another massive learning experience.