Judge Denies Cordaro’s Appeal

SCRANTON -- A federal judge has denied former Lackawanna County Commissioner Robert Cordaro's appeal.

A jury convicted Cordaro on corruption charges back in 2011. Cordaro's lawyers argued he should get a new trial.

The judge ruled they failed to prove Cordaro was innocent of the crimes.

Cordaro is serving an 11-year federal sentence. He's been in prison since 2012.

His fellow convicted Lackawanna County commissioner, A.J. Munchak, is out of federal prison. He is serving the last four years of his sentence under house arrest in Florida.


  • the answer

    Wow!! you “coal-crackers” really know how to elect some dandies. Flood, McDade, Kane, Mellow, Munchak, Cordaro, and the list goes on and on.

    • E

      I completely agree with your statement. Having spent several years, for career purposes, trapped in that pathetic slum full of coal miner trash it’s simple to see why these people are poor and always will be. The white trash in NEPA lack the intelligence to even realize they are stupid. Therefore they will never take steps to better themselves and to make it worse their white trash children grow up emulating their parents behavior. Yes indeed the coal miner trash of NEPA are so dumb they don’t even realize they are stupid. This is the major factor in their decision making process and it’s exactly why they keep electing worthless trash. That and the fact that their politicians are drawn from the local white trash population, so they were doomed from the start. 😀

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