UPDATE: Standoff in Monroe County Ends

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ELDRED TOWNSHIP -- A five-hour standoff in the Poconos that had roads blocked and a heavy police presence near a home for much of the day has ended with a man being taken away by ambulance

State police say Seth Gillen, 38, is the man who barricaded himself inside that home on Monroe Drive in Eldred Township.

It all started around 11 a.m. when more than two dozen state police cars and other emergency vehicles started showing up to the home on Monroe Drive.

Authorities say Gillen called 911 to say he needed help after overdosing. He told the dispatcher he had a gun.

Once state police arrived at the home near Kunkletown, they told Gillen to come outside.

Troopers say Gillen opened the door and pointed a handgun at them. Troopers fired two rounds and Gillen went back into the house and refused to come out.

Kunkeltown Road was blocked off to traffic in both directions while state police were handling the situation.

For nearly five hours, you could hear troopers yelling to the man on a bullhorn saying things like, "We know you are in there. Come out," and, "We just want to talk to you. We know you need help."

State police used a number of different tactics to lure the man out, including sirens and loud bomb like noises.

Gillen surrendered to police around 4 p.m. and was taken away by ambulance to Lehigh Valley Hospital Pocono for evaluation.

Gillen faces a number of charges including aggravated assault and possessing a firearm without a license or permit.



  • John

    The thing is.. they tell the person they just want to talk and want to give the help, and then charge him or her with all kinds of crazy charges compounding their lives and the situation as a whole. We are supposed to trust the police and respect them but they do not present themselves as safety officers: instead they offer punishment and pain financially and mentally. This man needed help and was not in his right frame of mind. He does not need more trouble. I wish it were a different mindset in these situations. It is in some other areas.

  • Supporter of America

    OK, why did so many police need to be there? Confirm there is no one else in the house he can harm, and let him overdose or shoot himself. Why put others in harms way? Only have the police there to make sure he does not come out and harm others. I’m sorry for the family, but this MAN chose the path he went down. I sincerely hope my kids will be smarter or use better judgement.

  • Dump

    Let’s see…call 911 saying you need help because you OD’d…help arrives and you touch off 2 rounds at the cops, lol! Lucky he’s still breathing really. Guy is sharp as a ball pien hammer.

  • are you kidding?!?

    Carrying a gun without a license or permit? He was in his home. Anyway, he won’t have to worry about possessing firearms in the future.

  • Writer Girl

    He’s obviously disturbed, but we don’t the nature of his illness. Treatment does wonders for some people, so stop being so judgmental.

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