Hazleton Native Competes on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’

HAZLETON -- Hazleton native Janene Marcus took a trip to Las Vegas to compete on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Her parents, Lorraine and Paul Marcus, came along on the trip.

"It was nice to see the sets and how they film the show and everything," Paul Marcus said. "How they coordinated everything on stage and the makeup and the outfits and the changes that they made. It was very, very interesting. It was a once and a lifetime experience."

Janene lives in Nashville now. She answered a casting call for the show.

"It was a like a two-or-three-step process that they had to pass each thing," Lorraine Marcus said. "I think the first thing she said was that they got two questions that they had to answer and if they got those right then they got to the next one."

She made it all the way to the $20,000 question. Her parents said they are proud of her.

"She got up quite a ways," Paul Marcus said. "She's no millionaire, by far. I think the further you go up on the questions the harder they get."


  • hazletoncougar69

    its always a native who does something big out of the area! I know if i stayed here i could of been a teacher who posts on Facebook 100 times a day various kid pics. That is pretty popular. I understand its boring near hazleton and surrounding dog-stains like the Skook. and obviously you people need small town attention. But enough with the Facebook kid pics. This is where Sandusky and other predators roamed for years. Use your heads.

  • trucker

    Tom Wolf’s Campaign Creates Video Defending Dismemberment Abortions but you will never see WNEP cover that.
    People go to Infowars and The Hagmann Report to get actual news, not “game show” news.
    Please prove me wrong on this.

    • trumpsfavoritetoy

      Best troll comment of the day. Real news and infowars in the same sentence. Do you moonlight as a stand-up?

  • I'm outa here!

    A native. Exactly. Just that, a native. She couldn’t help but notice this sanctuary city’s deterioration and got out of Dodge. A typical decision of most of Hazleton’s citizens.

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