Haggerty’s Absence ‘Unexcused’ for Second Straight Day

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HARRISBURG -- For the second straight day, the absence of State Representative Kevin Haggerty (D-Dunmore) was labeled "unexcused" by his colleagues in the House in Harrisburg.

Haggerty is from Dunmore and represents the 112th District.

A Newswatch 16 investigation revealed he has missed more than 200 votes since July 22.

Lawmakers absences are routinely excused, but fellow Democrats are taking Haggerty to task.

The effort to warn Haggerty that his no-shows are inexcusable are being led by fellow Democrats from our area.

On Tuesday, Rep. Gerald Mullery (D-Nanticoke), who represents the 119th District including the Nanticoke area, made the motion during the morning roll call to have Haggerty's absence be "unexcused."

Rep. Mike Carroll (D-Avoca) of 118th District made the same motion Monday.

One House staffer who asked not to be named says other local Democrats will make motions during roll calls until Haggerty either shows up for work or until he reaches five straight unexcused absences.

If Haggerty racks up five straight unexcused absences, his colleagues could find him in contempt of the House. What happens after that is unclear.

Haggerty has claimed he cannot go to Harrisburg in order to be near his young children as he goes through a divorce, even though his wife has primary custody of the children.

Haggerty has not returned calls seeking comment.


  • 🤔

    Using his divorce and his kids as an excuse is pathetic. My husband and I were separated for 10 months with divorce process started and I had a child. Guess what, still went to work. I bet he’s still gets his big fat paycheck too. Boy, must be nice to sit home and do nothing and still collect a nice paycheck. Dunmore residents, a word to the wise, do not elect this fool again. He’s full of excuses and isn’t helping you.

  • Snasberries

    The Libtards are protecting him with tooth and nail he’s lucky he’s not a Republican he would be destroyed by now!

    • Greg

      Im not really sure where you’re coming from, because the report says that Democrats are the ones motioning to have him marked as unexcused – therefore moving him towards dismissal/held in contempt. Im not taking sides, just dont really understand how you get that Democrats are trying to protect him when his actual colleagues on his side of the aisle are moving for disciplinary action against him… the same scenario has happened in the past with Republican representatives being punished by fellow republicans for missing tons of votes in the house.

  • Donamick

    This is the most crooked thing Channel 16th can come up with on a politician?! absolutely ridiculous!!
    I got my Haggerty newsletter today and he seems to be doing a fine job.

    • E

      Wow. So a man who beats his wife and neglects his job as an elected official is “doing a fine job” as you put it. Are you part of Haggerty’s family trying to defend him? Wow. It’s moments like this that make it clear why your area is a dumping ground full of poor, drunken white trash losers lol.

    • adam thomas

      Typical nepA look the other way IDEOLOGIES. Just because you know someone personally and had a few dealings with them, you think you really really know them. Donamick you might of got sold! That is what made frauds and pedophile cases more prevalent around here. keep it up, it really helps. SMH

  • laura

    he’s missed 200 votes since july? any other type of job and he would have been fired long before reaching that outrageous number. if he can’t handle the job he should step aside. when he does crawl back there they should insist on drug screening

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