Three Charged After Domino’s Driver Robbed, Shot at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A delivery driver remains on life support after he was shot in an ambush on the campus of East Stroudsburg University. Three people are behind bars, facing attempted murder charges.

Israel Berrios, 17, his girlfriend Carolina Carmona, 30, and her brother Salvador Roberts, all of East Stroudsburg, are facing attempted murder charges. The three are accused of planning and then trying to cover up a robbery that left a Domino's delivery driver shot in the face early Monday morning on Normal Street on East Stroudsburg University’s campus.

Berrios admitted he is the one who pulled the trigger.

State police say around 1:30 a.m. Monday, Carmona called Domino's with a fake order.

The driver, Richard Labar, 58, of East Stroudsburg, showed up to the address on Normal Street, near the ROTC building on East Stroudsburg's campus.

When he did, troopers say Berrios jumped out with a shotgun, demanded money, and then shot Labar in the face.

“I see Dominos come through here all the time, almost on a daily basis, and then I heard that. It just shocked me,” said David Ruppert of East Stroudsburg.

"That's crazy. I can't imagine anyone being shot for just doing their job. It definitely seems like a set up to me,” said Alyssa Haraschak, an ESU student.

Salvador Roberts is charged with helping Carmona and Berrios plan the robbery and driving them to and from the scene of the crime.

After the shooting, state police checked out the nearby Normal Street Housing Development.

People there saw troopers take evidence from the apartment where Carmona and Berrios live.

"They carried a gun out and two big bags of something. I don't know. That's what everybody saw though,” said Justine Cramer of East Stroudsburg, who lives nearby.

Cramer knows Carmona personally.

"I know she babysat my daughter and stole $2,000 worth of DVDs just a week ago. There's an investigation about that. I called the cops about that,” she said.

People who live or go to school in this area call this robbery-turned-shooting a horrible reminder that anything can happen to anyone at any time.

"It's kind of scary because recently there was some girl who got grabbed, too, on the same street, and I park my car up there, so like coming home and when it's dark, I always have my pepper spray out,” said Haraschak.

State police say Labar is on life support with no brain activity.

They also say Berrios has admitted to a series of strong-arm robberies on the ESU campus in recent months. They said he also robbed another Domino's delivery person recently as well.

Berrios will be charged with those crimes.

All three suspects are locked up without bail in Monroe County.

Lambda Iota, a sorority on ESU's campus, set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for the victim.


  • John Wetzel

    Pennsylvanians must have the courage to do what is right by our young citizens and give them the opportunities to become productive citizens of this commonwealth! I will no longer tolerate mass incarceration of our citizens. Especially inner-city students who have worked hard for their chance to attend your nice college campuses. Pennsylvania will reduce its inmate populations so you may as well get used to it!

  • III%

    Lol @ jn570 people like Jesse Jackson and reverend Al Sharpton and scumbags like this criminal are the reason for racism next your going to start a go fund me to help with legal costs for these scum sounds to me like your a bleeding heart snowflake most likely still living in your elderly parents basement

    • Reinstate Capital Punishment

      Thanks to the Trade Thugs For Cash programs with Philly and Harrisburg, no. They’re all named Dayshawn, Oquanna, Bamshiqua, and Tayishia. Get them the fook out of here, SOMEONE.

  • Dump

    This area has become a mini Philthadelphia. The housing complexes where dregs of society and animals like these are allowed to live are right across the street from the campus.

    • Dump

      What Daddy? Oh you mean the one that taught him morals, decency and respect for human life? The one that took him to church and set him up for success at age 17, who got him ready to go to college to be a neurosurgeon? Oh yes, that one.

  • Jeremy

    It’s possible that I am reading this wrong – or maybe all of the details aren’t clear… Did they order a pizza to their own home and then rob and shoot the driver? Obviously, they didn’t think this one through, right? They must’ve known they would be caught for the crime…

    What is that planning like? “Hey – let’s order a pizza to our home and then rob the delivery guy – we’ll never get caught.”

    If the crime wasn’t so tragic, this one would be a prime candidate for the dumb criminals show.

    • Writer Girl

      Yep, stupid is as stupid does. Why, why would anyone do this and think they would end up with anything but a long time/life in prison? Well, at least these three stooges won’t have to worry about money as much, where they’re going.

      • Philip Yzeik

        Where they are going? Are you kidding me? It was a local Jury that recently let a federal inmate who committed the most heinous and premeditated murdered of a law enforcement officer ever caught completely on camera and played for the jury during the trial, off with no repercussions. The holier than thou Jersey and NYC liberal transplants that will likely be on this jury trial when/if it comes up will probably blame the delivery guy for provoking them and they’ll get off with little if any punishment when in reality they all should receive the death penalty. Genisis 9:6 God made man in his image and there for an act of murder against a man is an act of murder against God himself so he who sheds mans blood shall have his blood shed by man. If religion is your objection to the death penalty take a big does of Genisis 9:6 and call me in the morning. Don’t give me that nonsense about the old and New Testament being separated from each other when the whole point of Jesus coming in the New Testament scriptures was to fulfill the Old Testament. Heck John tells you Jesus was with us from the beginning that means Genesis. With that having been said I pray God chose me as an instrument of his justice and upon the completion of a proper and constitutionally sound trial I’ll give these three fools the injection myself.

  • kiki

    kill the 3 of them for this terrible act.
    worthless, POS
    poor delivery driver doing a job and these thugs kill him

    This is y I carry a gun..

  • mil

    These are the kind of people that give the people of the black community a very bad name. There are some amazing people of the black community that get treated differently cause they are black because of people like this. Why couldn’t these terrible people go out and get a good job and be an asset to society. No they try to kill someone who is trying to make a honest living the right way. how much do they think they were going to get maybe $20.00 and some free pizza. They could have gone out and shoveled some snow today and made way more money and not be rotting in jail for the rest of their lives.

    • Jenson

      They come here because people in Pennsylvania are weak and they know they can run their game here and no one is going to do nothing

      • Robert Paulson

        I disagree. They aren’t used to encountering people who can legally defend themselves with deadly force here in PA. In NJ, the criminals and police are the only ones who carry guns.

      • Pay Me Money

        They don’t come here because NEPA people are weak. They come here because they are bused in from Philadelphia, Camden, and Harrisburg in trade for money. Money is given to the host city to accept the parasites. The parasites bring their parasitic relatives and offspring with them, and dig in to their new hosts and begin sucking away at the local human services and welfare offices. They are treated with preference because they are black, underprivileged, misunderstood, and NEPA suffers from an overblown sense of White Guilt. So, we pay them.

  • The ghetto otherwise known as ESU

    Think this man wanted to be delivering pizza at 58 years old? Had the job probably because he need it to pay for bills, life – unlike the worthless bottom feeders that ultimately took his life…and for what!?…delivering freaking pizza to the ghetto campus known as ESU. It’s disgusting.

  • Count The Satellite Dishes To Find The Scum

    He just robs pizza delivery guys part time. His full time job is sitting home watching porno on the satellite dish while his white girlfriend works to support them.

  • Robert J Mills

    They must be brain surgeons. How much did they hope to steal, probably enough to go to Tahiti and retire. Put them away for life, stinking animals.

  • JP

    The 17 yr old will admit to te shooting because he’s a juvenile. The D.A. better try this p.o.s. as an adult.
    30 yr old with s 17 yr old, she must be one hot mama.

  • john williams

    More human garbage. and no one in their right mind should deliver Pizza after 11 pm in that hell hole of PA.

  • Stanton to the yanks

    Are you serious???? This dirtball and his 30 year old girlfriend? She must be quite the prize? Please lock these losers up for a long time. Prayers to the delivery driver

  • seen it all

    Three people can be stupider than one — herd mentality . And Dominos ! A guy just trying to get by ( and now isn’t) . Shame I haven’t seen any death penalty cases anymore , We need to tell stupid what will happen to shooters .

      • JD

        I think you’ll find out there’s still a death penalty, just no executions. And yeah it’s the spineless governor that put a halt to it. Don’t forget taxpayers still pay to keep the death house open even though it’s not used.

      • Rick

        There hasn’t been an execution in Pennsylvania since 1999. A couple 2 or 3 days longer than Wolfe has been in office lol. That time span covers 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats. I’ll bet Hillary’s behind it somehow right? The raping Mexicans and Democrats are coming for your guns!!! RUN!!!

    • John Wetzel

      PA is proud to have reduced the number of people incarcerated in our jails. We don’t believe these young people should be forgotten about behind bars. Somebody has to have the courage to do the right thing by our youth and give them the opportunity to turn into productive citizens. Sure a few people may get hurt along the way, but PA is the leader in eliminating mass incarceration of our youth for minor crimes and pranks!

      • Capt. Bogart

        The Justice system get paids by the criminal, that’s why the revolving door. Most payments are by taxpayer’s moneys.
        First off our nation’s judicial system has failed to protect the people. If its intent was to make money, then the Judicial system has achieved success. In our county, law enforcement risks their lives arresting these people, then the Judicial system fines them, then continues to use the revolving door on these criminals. The Judicial System keeps releasing these people back out to commit their next crime. The system is already counting money from their next occurrence.

  • Think Positive

    Oh My Goodness. Those three “things” should burn in….where they come from! Nobody on this earth should ever have to look at their faces, ever again.
    I hope the driver will be okay.

  • NotJoeMaddon

    Poor guy trying to make an honest living delivering pizzas and he potentially pays for it with his life. All because some sub human thugs wanted some quick money. Merry Christmas scumbags, Merry Christmas.

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