Pottsville Salvation Army Needs Donations of Children’s Coats

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POTTSVILLE -- For the next few months, those in need of a winter coat can find one at the Salvation Army in Pottsville.

Karen Schaefer of Pottsville already got hers.

"I like to get a warmer coat for the winter because it gets cold in PA," Schaefer said.

The Salvation Army accepts coat donations starting in the fall.  They're given to anyone who needs one.

"This is a great way for the community to partner in helping those who are in desperate need," Pottsville Salvation Army Envoy-in-Charge Fred Harris said. "To help them stay warm throughout the winter season."

The Salvation Army has already given out about 300 coats this season, with about 50 of those given out this past week. The coats go quick. With such a high demand, the Salvation Army needs certain types of winter wear to keep up, like hats, gloves, scarves, and kids coats.

"We need children's coats," Harris said. "If you would look at our racks, we have four racks of adult coats and only one of children's. A lot of them are smaller children, which are great, but we also need them for preteen and 8-12 years old."

Schaefer said it's hard for many families in the area to afford coats for every member of their family. She's hoping the community will bring in donations to help out the children.

"They're going to be the adults in a few years," Schaefer said. "You know, they're going to be taking care of society, so we need to keep them warm."

If you would like to donate a coat or need a coat, just head to the Salvation Army on Sanderson Street in Pottsville.


  • Sexystreetroamer

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  • Charitable Charlie

    Lots of kids need second-hand Starter jackets. The gangly, uncoordinated kids tend to prefer the FSU variety but any will do.

    • Tommygunn

      No charlie ! in this dump its pennstate starter jackets. Mostly with brown colored stains. FSU too high class for the skook.

  • longgreysocks

    STREET roamers need coats to. Do you know if any navy blue jogging pants are available? this would be great along with velcro shoes and local fire company or High school sports specific half shirts.

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