Haggerty’s No-Shows ‘Unexcused’

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HARRISBURG -- State Representative Kevin Haggerty of Dunmore has passed a notorious milestone: 200 floor votes missed in Harrisburg since July.

But this time, a fellow Democrat from our region called him out on those no-shows and may be setting the stage for the House to take action against Haggerty.

Until Monday, State Representative Haggerty’s absences have been excused because it has been the policy of both parties not to ask for an explanation when lawmakers don’t show up.

But the Democrat from Dunmore has not gone to Harrisburg to vote since July 22, and his absence on Monday was not excused.

On the house floor Monday morning, the senior Democratic representative from our area, Mike Carroll of Avoca, stood up on the house floor to discuss Haggerty’s absences saying essentially, enough is enough.

"Concurrent to Rule 64 A, I object to the absence of the gentleman from Lackawanna," said Carroll.

"Yes, sir, so Representative Carroll has placed an objection of a leave of absence of Representative Haggerty from Lackawanna for the day. So as of today, he is on an unexcused absence," replied State Rep. Mike Turzai, (R) House Speaker.

As a result of the move, if Haggerty has four more straight unexcused absences, the legislature could find him in contempt of the House.

Punishment would be determined by his house colleagues.

Haggerty has now missed 215 votes since July 22, including key votes on the budget and a natural gas severance tax.

While Representative Haggerty has said he does not go to Harrisburg so he could be near his children during his divorce, Representative Carroll emailed us this statement:

"Since July 22, the people of the 112th District have not had a voice or a vote in Harrisburg. While I understand family responsibilities are of utmost concern, an absence from representing over 60,000 people for nearly five months has serious consequences for our region and state. I’m hopeful today’s action will result in careful examination of next steps for Rep. Haggerty."

We received no response from our calls to Haggerty’s office or to his chief of staff Monday afternoon.

Several longtime house staffers said there is no record of any representative having their absences declared "unexcused" in at least a generation.


  • Donamick

    Wow I’ve never seen anything like this in the news 6 times for a no shows. These people must really have a bug in their ass for Kevin Haggerty I’ve never seen a public figure in the news as much as this guy but I can tell you something right now I know about 20 public figures that need to be in the news much more than Kevin Haggerty!!!!!!!!
    F’n B.S.!!

    • E

      Ha ha! Why are you trying to shift the focus off of the topic at hand? So you believe because there are, suppossedly, worse people out there that that excuses your fellow Irishman Haggerty? Really that is all you have? Pathetic but not surprising in any way. It is common for trash to try and spread out the blame, especially in your white trash coal slum.

      • Donamick

        Hey E…
        Just saying…

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

      • E

        @donamick ha ha ha ha! Is that all you’ve got Irish trash bwah ha ha ha! Typical response from coal miner trash. Does that count as a clever response in your trailer park super genius? So have you figured out yet why you are poor and why your white trash ancestors were dumped into a coal slum to suffer and die while someone else profited. Well, anything? Oh that’s right you’re a typical drunken, white trash loser. 😂😂😂

  • i quit..


    • cheap tightwad

      California did just that. The people were upset that the utilities by law had to pay for fuel that that was used to make electricity and not pass the increased cost onto the customer. The customers were getting a free ride and were upset. Statewide the utilities burned through tens of billions of dollars to pay for this fuel and bill the public less then it cost them the utility to generate electricity. So they replaced a governor with I’ll be back Arnold.

    • Paul Nardozzi

      Because he’s Kevin Haggerty don’t you know ? He could do whatever he wants, and run his district any way he sees fit . ( his own words) Time to impeach this bum.

  • FracingA

    “Until Monday, State Representative Haggerty’s absences have been excused because it has been the policy of both parties not to ask for an explanation when lawmakers don’t show up.”

    ^ Tough to believe these Hooligans still make their own rules.

  • Just Resign

    Point blank, this guy just don’t give a crap about his job. Or his future for that matter. Once he is ousted, you think anyone will hire him with that track record. Do yourself and everyone else a favor Haggerty and resign. Your post should be filled by someone who can be accountable and perform the duties. You let people down who voted you in and who rely on you.

  • Ruth Hagenbaugh

    His excuse is he has to be with his kids because of divorce. Weak excuse. People divorce all the time and the parents still go to work and do their jobs. It won’t kill his kids if he misses a few days to actually do the job he was elected to do. Why does he think he’s so special? You were elected to do a job, so do it. Sitting home on your ass collecting your paycheck is not your job. Grow some balls and get to work.

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