Wintry Hawley Winterfest    

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HAWLEY -- It was only fitting that the final day of Hawley Winterfest resembled a winter wonderland after the area was blanketed by Saturday's snowstorm.

The Lake Wallenpaupack area was hit with about three to four inches of snow. Slick road conditions did affect travel plans for some folks, who wanted to attend Winterfest when the flakes flew.

"The roads up 590 were horrible. There were a couple of cars that were stopped. Couldn't get around them, so we just turned around halfway," said John Dimitrakakis, New Jersey.

While the roads were slick for some, others welcomed the snow. They say the true winter feeling added excitement for the final two days of the event.

"It was great. I prayed for it! Think about it. I didn't want it on the roads, I just wanted it on the sidewalks. It was pretty. It was pretty because it stayed on the trees, even until this morning," said Beverly Beck, Owner, Trading Post Whatknots. "It's been pretty awesome to have snow on the ground and starting the winter off right."

One of the highlights of Winterfest is the hour-long Santa Express train ride. The snowstorm gave riders a little taste of the winter season and a pretty nice scenic view.

"It was very nice. It was really Christmassy. It made everything come together for the Santa train, so it was very nice," said Jennifer Fagan, Throop.

"It makes everything look like it's Christmas and it's winter time and it's all about the winter season," said Zoe Sullers-Fagan, Throop.

According to organizers of the festival, the snow didn't put a huge damper on the attendance over the weekend.

"All of our events have been well attended and this is a tiny town, but it has a huge heart and the mission of Hawley Winterfest is truly to welcome everyone into our community," said Kate Hayes, Winterfest Committee.

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