Two Men Arrested After Shots Fired

HAZLETON -- Two men are under arrest after cops say shots were fired in Hazleton.

Milton Montero and Danny Vargas are behind bars after police say they were called to reports of shots fired near a nightclub on East Diamond Avenue around 5:30 a.m. Sunday.

Montero was found in a shot-up vehicle and officers say they found an illegal handgun.

A little while later, officers stopped a vehicle suspected of being involved in the gunfire, and arrested Vargas for a stolen handgun.

Both men are locked up in the Luzerne County Jail on $25,000 bail.


  • Deez Nutz

    More of Joe Maddon’s people that are just here for a better life. It’s the old people that lived their entire life in Hazleton that is the problem. In Joe’s words “They need to just accept it or die”. These fine outstanding boys are just misunderstood…. Me no do nuffin.

  • trucker

    And if your HS children dare to protect themselves from these thugs their lives will be destroyed and they will be portrayed and lied about like those kids in Shenandoah.

  • john williams

    Hey Archie, tell us all again how banning my guns will solve the problems of this imported, inhuman garbage…..we all need a good pre-Christmas laugh here!!!!!


    This is just the start of it folks. You think its bad now! The Old cheap housing supply will continue, And the demand is from the over priced Northeast cities; and its not Harvard or Yale scholars, the demand is from Drug dealers, ex convicts and gangs. The 60-80 year old population will indefinably die off which will create more vacant houses for sale, throw in slumlords who cater to these demographics. with a high drug demand from the locals , 90 miles away from urban NYC and urban Philly. easy to have that criminal pipeline. I hate to say this. But seriously it will be Rip Hazleton Area, Rip Skook , Rip Berwick Area and Rip Shamokin Area.

  • What it be

    This sanctuary city need to be cut off from all the government funds starve them out and let crawl back to hole they crawled out of!

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      Do you know where they’re from for sure? I doubt it. Hell they could be from Puerto Rico for all we know….which means they’re U.S. citizens and no wall would stop them. *eyeroll*

      • Brickbrickbrick

        Jessicainwilliamsport, dear, you are a foolish millennial that has been taught to believe that all “citizens” are good and “deserving” because there exists this legendary “privilege” barrier. Grow up, honey. These guys are thugs, regardless of WHERE they came from. Put them on an island, send them to Cuba, drop them in the middle of Siberia, but get these thugs out of NEPA. Send them back to Camden or Vineland NJ. If they’re from Puerto Rico, send them back THERE and let the locals deal with them.

        In the meantime, you keep on believing what you wish. You’ll grow some sense when you’re made the victim of a violent crime at the hands of these poor, misunderstood, underprivileged, and deserving choir boys. Oh, yes. You will.

      • Bill K.

        Hey Jessica – If you think these nice polite boys (and their compatriots) are so nice to be around why don’t you post their bail? Better yet, next time there’s a boat load of them shipped from Puerto Rico (I know a territory but a third world territory at best) or whatever God-forsaken third world country they come from why don’t you take in about half a dozen of them? Come ON, where’s your heart? Why don’t you have a few of them living with you all the time?

  • Supporter of America

    I’m sure they went through the appropriate channels to get their guns legally, from the guy on the corner. Of course it is the fault of all of us that own guns; and do so legally and responsibly. The justice system will give them a slap on the wrist, literally; and the nation blames us like we’re the ones shooting towns up. They’ll be doing the same thing as soon as they are back out on the street, likely selling their crap.

  • Stanton to the yanks

    We don’t need a wall???? Also, this arrest is going to really hinder these poor upstanding citizens from obtaining a job anywhere in the future. What a shame. The look like upstanding individuals!!

  • Juan W.

    maybe more govt. freebies each month is the answer. That idea has worked out so well with other minority groups. And, no, I’m not racist

  • Juan W.

    and for years we had to listen to Korbitt deny and scoff at the gang problem in Hazleton. Lou and Tarone were right.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      That should be, “I pity da fool.”

      If you’re going to get it wrong, at least get it wrong, right.

  • Get your head out of your butt

    Two more of Obummer’s “Dreamers”? These are the people that are assets to our great nation!?!?!?

  • Bill K.

    As soon as people with tattoos up the neck show up the REAL violence starts. I thought Williamsport was bad. Then about 10 years ago (I don’t remember exactly when) Philly hoods with tattoos up the neck started showing up. As soon as that happened we have gunfire couple times a week and about 24 homicides a year. I suspect Hazleton is about the same.

  • Coalition to stop interracial breeding

    You cell these thugs men? That’s the problem when we make generalized statements

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