Plymouth Council Votes to Close Fire Department

PLYMOUTH -- At a heated meeting in a Luzerne County community, council members faced a decision whether to raise taxes and close a fire company all to increase police protection.

Folks filled Plymouth borough building during a council meeting Sunday afternoon.

After a closed-door discussion, council members decided to balance the budget by raising taxes about $93 for the average homeowner.

The plan also closes Good Will Hose Company No. 2 and covers a 25 percent increase in police presence.

"It seems like a majority of the people in this town, they want their emergency services not bothered. They are all for more police, including myself, and that is what is needed. But don't pick on the fire department to fund them," said firefighter Josh Evans.

The decision transfers full-time and part-time firefighters from Good Will to the two other stations in Plymouth.


  • Stretch

    Fire company > then more police. Plymouth residents getting hoodwinked. This time next year there will be no change in crime statistics yet more police. Scam

  • marbs

    This “article” is in direct conflict with other news outlets concerning both the amount of the tax increase and the fate of the full time and part time drivers. All were published AFTER the vote and all three (Citizens Voice, WNEP and Times Leader) report different outcomes both in the amount of tax increase and the fate of paid drivers. Could someone get it right????

  • JOHN

    Finally Plymouth Police will be hired to investigate and interview witnesses from crimes reported 2yrs ago. Big back log!!

  • John

    The fire departments should be consolidated into one however just like most towns with several fire houses nobody wants to give up their own slice of the pie for the greater good.

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