Wintry Weather Causes Crashes on I-81 in Luzerne County  

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- The snowy conditions caused two wrecks just two miles apart in Luzerne County that shut down a major highway.

The wrecks backed up traffic for miles on Interstate 81 Luzerne County.

The first crash happened around 1 p.m. about two miles before the Pittston/Dupont exit on Interstate 81 northbound.

A Jeep and a car crashed and had to be towed from the scene.

The wreck held up traffic for several miles here as crews cleared the scene.

Around the same time and just about two miles ahead of that crash, another wreck caused major headaches.

The second crash happened in the northbound lanes right at the Pittston/Dupont exit.

All lanes of the highway here in Luzerne County were shut down while crews removed the wreckage.


  • Headlights

    There were vehicles off the road on 84 east and west, and also off 380 south. All of them deep into the woods!! I just hope all of them were minor with no injuries. Learn to drive in the snow already!!

  • trucker

    There was a 3rd on the southbound lanes near near the rest area or Dorrance, a silver Nissan pickup hard against the left barrier, but that was b4 noon. The right lane was good but the left was snow covered, with cars doing 70 on it.

  • Patty545

    Thank you weather people for alerting us to “snow showers” today.
    Aren’t there any people with an actual meterology degree out there for the station to hire?

    • Facts

      What a dingbat. Not what WNEP reported or did not but by using other weather updates, this snow was predicted 3 days ago.

    • trucker

      Tom and Noreen Clark are the best meteorologists for a thousand miles. Weather channel has not had anyone with a brain since Roy Spencer co-founded the joint.

      • youre all doomed

        oh, youre just a fool. this whole network is a clueless joke that survives off the forever content losers that have come to accept trash as mediocrity and mediocrity as gold. 1000 miles… LMAO… not even the best in the area, let alone state, and Im willing to bet that youve never even been 1000 miles away from home. NEPA people, its awful tv shows that get laughed at internationally for being pathetic, yet is praised by the very people being mocked for being in the spotlight,
        and just everything there, is like the cancer of this country, too stupid to die off on its own and too totally irrellevant to the rest of reality to go in and try to correct generations of moronic, perpetually failing, loser trash people from existing elsewhere.

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