Woman Arrested in Murder-for-Hire Plot Against Ex-Husband

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HAZLETON -- A woman is charged with trying to hire someone to kill her ex-husband and his current wife in Luzerne County.

Police say Agnes Marsicano, 62, of Drums, contacted a woman trying to set up a hit on her ex-husband. That woman went to police.

Investigators say they have Marsicano recorded on calls first trying to set up the murder of her husband and then his wife.

She even met with them to pay for the crimes this week.

In arrest papers, it says when Mariscano went to make payment for the plot, she even included prayer cards in the envelope saying this would be an answer to her prayers.

Marsicano was put in the back of a police car after being arraigned in Hazleton.

What police have charged her with has stunned neighbors.

"I was really surprised to hear what might have happened. She's pretty much a recluse. She doesn't come out and say too much," said Thomas Chegwidben.

Hazleton police say Marsicano called a woman she knew earlier this week and offered to pay her to kill her ex-husband Dwight Bicking.

That woman reported the plot to the police.

"You have to realize in today's world if somebody comes up with a death plot, someone could lose their life, and it's happened," said Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale.

Speziale says the person Marsicano contacted told her she had another person who was willing to do the job. That person was actually an undercover officer.

The chief says Mariscano began talking to the undercover officer about payment and about how she wanted the job carried out.

"To kill the husband then it changed to kill the wife. Then it changed to kill both if anyone interceded. Then the fact that it was taken to the point that it should be a closed casket," the chief said.

According to arrest papers, Marsicano and her ex-husband divorced 20 years ago.

So, neighbors like Thomas Chegwidden can't imagine why the 62 year old would want to do this.

"It's really unbelievable. I can't imagine knowing her as long as I have and that she would consider something like this. I can't even figure out what the motivation would be."


  • jack u

    NICE LADY…but how is it that everything happens in luzerne co…i think i want to live there and maybe ill buy some land there cause it must be a good spot.

  • In The Klinker

    Get therapy. When bitterness becomes a gnawing obsession, this is what happens. Marriages fail, everyday, and people need to understand that it’s the severance of a legal, binding contract in the eyes of the Law. Family Courts do not have the time or inclination to care – they’ve heard it all. So, move on with some counseling therapy if it’s that bad.

      • In The Klinker

        I never mentioned couples therapy which becomes a bid for taking sides. Waste of time and money. And, I didn’t suggest that she should have gotten therapy last week, jackass. If it was that much of an acrimonious divorce, she would have benefited from therapy the day that they separated.

  • Get it together

    What is wrong with just walking away, your old enough that children should be grown and even if they aren’t WHY would you even

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