School Board Member Accused of Taser Attack

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SHAMOKIN -- The vice chairman of a local school board faces criminal charges after police say he put on a mask and attacked a business owner with a stun gun.

That video store owner in Shamokin was shocked, beaten, and cursed at by two men, one whose voice he thought he recognized. That led to a four-week police investigation, and the trail led officers to a community leader in Northumberland County.

That community leader is Ronald McElwee.

Just two days ago, he was elected vice chairman of the Shamokin Area School Board. He's now an accused criminal, charged with a series of violent crimes including aggravated assault and other related charges.

McElwee, 34, spoke last year for the Shamokin Area School board after teachers went on strike.

McElwee lives on the same block as Len's Auto Parts Store. Store manager Michelle Raebuck can't believe he's now accused of a violent crime.

"No, it doesn't sound anything like him," said Raebuck "He's a nice guy."

According to police, several people at Rob's Good Time Grille on South Market Street watched a football game on television when a fight broke out in the bar between McElwee and the owner of a nearby video store.

Four days later, the police report claims McElwee and another man waited for M&T Video to close.

According to the police report, the owner of the business had just shut down for the night and was headed home, when he was attacked by a man wearing a hood and a mask and using Taser.

Police say Barton Koser of Coal Township also attacked the victim, and the report does not say if it was Koser or McElwee who actually zapped the victim in the neck, before both men punched and kicked the victim, and ran away.

Investigators used surveillance video from several locations in Shamokin to identify McElwee and Koser both are charged with assault, using a stun gun, and other criminal counts.

No one was in at McElwee's home when we tried to get a comment. He's seen as a community leader who last month lost in his race for Northumberland County prothonotary. But now his future as a school board member in Shamokin could be in doubt.

We reached out to the Shamokin Area School board president and have not yet heard back.

Mcelwee is out on bail and is due again in court Tuesday.


  • The people

    It should be put into law that from now on if a political figure is found to use their position to harm those that they promised to serve, that they should now pay an indemnity by forfeiting any and all assets that they incurred after gaining that position.

    • John

      Nothing but a bunch of people who have no idea how to manage their own affairs let alone millions of dollars of tax payer money. There should be a term limit of school board members. Take a look at how many family members of school board members are employees at the school district.

  • Common Era

    The real story here is that there is a video store still open someplace. I am impressed at that fact. I know a lot of you that should have something to say in how your community is handled work too late or multiple jobs. If this story is to be believed? Here is a prime example of why we should all make it our business to make time to be involved in scrutinizing those that have a say in how much we are giving away. Why should we do overtime shifts to help criminals float? To make crime more rampant and an honest lifestyle snubbed? I’m not sure where that will get us. But it can’t be good.

  • Clarissa

    Ah, yes, lessons he learned at his father’s knee! From generation to generation in Shamokin. However, some of the best people I’ve ever known are from Shamokin and abhor this type of behavior. Of course, they went to OLOL.

  • jack u

    THE PLAN to collective mindset ..getting a change agent in place ..communism to wreck the good small town and brain wash the children with absurd practices ….Lennon .communist manifesto…..cause they love the children…testing them with absurd tests at a young age….Charlotte Iserbyt the dumbing down of America…..common core.

  • Unbelievable

    This is why our town is swirling around a toilet bowl. These are the the people the reliefers vote into office. The scary part is he makes decisions to run the Shamokin Area School Disyrict

    • Use A Mirror

      Do you own a mirror? Calling someone an idiot, while using disgraceful grammar and punctuation is the epitome of idiocy. At least proof read your pathetic attempt at superiority before posting.

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