People In The Poconos Preparing For The Snow

MONROE COUNTY -- Snow is in the forecast and likely to start falling sometime tomorrow morning with the most expected in the Poconos.

One to three inches are expected and that could make road conditions a little tricky.

At the Lowe's in Bartonsville, it's beginning to look a lot like winter.

The shovels and ice melt are out for an easy grab and go.

Across Route 611, mom Samantha Garcia had not one but two grocery carts full of food.

“I got absolutely everything, everything you can possibly imagine, four kids, I have everything,” said Garcia.

It was a busy night at the Shoprite in Mount Pocono as other shoppers were doing the same thing.

“Getting some stuff in case we get some snow,” said Gus Villamar from Mount Pocono. “Yeah, I'm prepared, looking forward to it.”

PennDOT says it treated all the major highways and roads, including Interstate 380, Interstate 80, Route 611 and Route 33.

Still, Brian Houston was here helping his mother stock up extra groceries so she won`t have to leave her house.

“We hope so, we just came up from Jersey so we hope to get everything at the house right now,” said Houston.

“It's wonderful, I'm very lucky,” said his mother Ellen Houston. As to how she feels about the coming snow: “I’ll look at it out the window if what’s coming what they say is coming.”

Ellen's grandson, 6-year-old Camden, has other plans.

“I'm going to make a snow globe with my daddy and an igloo,” said Camden.

Sharlene Smith came to buy snacks for her son's boy scout meeting but not the essentials for the snow.

“No, I actually don't have what I need, I didn't do that part, sorry,” said Smith, laughing. “No, I'm so embarrassed!”

Still, people here say there's always something you realize you need after the storm hits.

“Half of the fun of having a storm is having to go out in the middle of it buy something you forgot,” said Robert Brusca from Lake Harmony.


  • Tom Gunshannon III

    It’s now 730pm. It’s been snowing since lunch time, and all of the main roads in Sterling and Madison twps still haven’t seen a single plow truck all day. The roads have been full of ice and spun out cars for hours. We might as well disband Penndot for all the “hard work” they’re doing. The results would be the same. Anyone want to cover the story there at wnep?

  • III%

    Jj go back to Nj where you belong your not wanted here and very butt hurt when this subject came up and the best you have is attacking my grammar which in all honesty really doesn’t bother me and I find it very funny so do us all a favor go be with the rest of the douche bags in nj

  • Coalition to stop interracial breeding

    Governor Wolf had ordered the national guard on standby for this 1″ – 3″ blizzard

    • JJ

      Yes, it does seem as though writing like a 4th grader earns a lot of thumbs up on these boards. If winning approval within your echo chamber is enough to make you feel good about your life, then I’m very happy you have something to fall back on. Now if only you could get paid per thumbs up, you wouldn’t need to to be educated at all. That would be the dream…

  • 🤔

    These weather people make it sound worse than it is. I get they have to warn people that it’s coming but good Lord, it’s a couple of inches. Now, up by Lake Ontario, that’s something to stock up over. They got feet of snow. They’re in the snow belt. We are not. Get a grip WNEP weather team. It’s no big deal.

  • Gramma Bearskins

    No. This cannot be a news story. This just cannot. Snow happens during the winter months. It’s been documented. Not only that, but the Poconos are known for………….let’s all recite it, together…………skiing! What do we need to go snow skiing, boys and girls? That’s right! Snow!

    If people are that torqued up over a couple of inches of snow in the Pennsylvania mountains, then there needs to be a massive exodus to Georgia or Florida. Better yet, everyone go to Mexico or Central America.

    There are some really prudent steps to take when living in any area that might experience disrupted travel. Keep powdered milk on hand. Keep bottled spring water on hand. Learn to make your own bread. Learn to make coffee in a stovetop percolator. Learn how to cook your own food.

    I’ve never seen such a big deal made over a typical weather event in all my born days.

    • Gramma Bearskins

      Well, these are typically transplanted people who vacationed in the Poconos and determined that they wanted to live there on a full time basis without really experiencing a couple of years in the region. They cannot drive to a fast food joint or get to a drive thru window for their iced caramel mocha latte, so the world is going to end.

      What a bunch of mindless drivel.

  • cheap tightwad

    I always laugh reading comments about the food store when it snows. What you don’t know about the location is even funnier. From that Shop Rite you can drive a half hour trip to Stroudsburg with out starting your engine and across the street there is a cliff. I had always prided myself with being able to travel any weather conditions until moving to the Poconos. I found I can’t climb the hill on my street, so I’m mapping out an alternate. No that’s not the way I’ll slide into the lake, how about this way, that was even worse it looked like the down hill from the Olympics. You find yourself not even giving it a try unless the road is dry. But it gets worse, If you even bother to dig out the snow you still have to get into the car. So after after pulling on the door handle frozen from the cold with 8 fingers under it you break one. Three days later the door finally opens then your battery says not today. Many of the private communities may take a week to clear all of the streets. This leaves you with only one option and that it stocking up supply’s and making the weather service your home page.

  • Frank N.

    We’re going to get an inch of wet snow!!! Do you think we’ll be stuck in the house for weeks?? Do you have any common sense at all?? This TV station included, they’re reporting on this stupidity.

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