‘Devoted Father’ Killed After Being Shot in Face and Neck in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE--- A father is dead after he was shot in the face and neck Thursday night.

The Luzerne County Coroner said Kervin Garcia, 28, was killed.

Neighbors on South Franklin Street said it was heartbreaking to hear because Garcia was a devoted father of three young kids.

“It’s sad for everybody. It’s sad for him, his family, for us, the neighbors, everybody. Sad for the city that we’re constantly fighting this day in and day out,” Neighbor Frank Monda said.

Police said two people came up to Garcia’s front door, shot him in the face and neck, and ran away.

Officers are still looking for those suspects.

Some neighbors were so on edge over the shooting, they didn’t want their names or faces to be shown on Newswatch 16.

One woman said sadly, she is used to hearing about trouble on this street.

“I didn’t even get out the door I could see the flashing light. There was a lot of it,” The woman said.

Others, like Frank Monda, have hope that despite shootings like these, South Franklin Street can someday be cleaned up.

“I still believe that the city can come back but the administration needs to crack down on this. It’s got to stop,” Monda said.

If you have any information about this shooting, you’re asked to contact the Wilkes-Barre Police Department.


  • Just saying

    I would rather roll around naked in a bathtub filled with razorblades and shards of glass while violently sodomizing myself with a weedwacker than I would to live in Wilkes-Barre!

    • Security Officer

      WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO JUDGE THIS MAN. If this is the reason for the shooing to this young man that will no longer walk this earth and breath this air who left young a hole in many hearts it is still no reason why he had to be killed. I don’t know why he was killed and if I did I till would not have a comment like that he still is a person. God Bless this man and all his family. Just make mar legal and less crime. Just make Marijuana legal and less crime. Worry about the dope on the streets that are killing our children. As for you JOE MAMMA look a good long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what did I do last that I didn’t get caught for and then judge for you as a person you are no better

      • Ex Wilkes Barre Resident

        Really ? that is your expert security officer opinion on this security officer ?
        South Franklin Street has been the worst place in Wilkes barre next to O’Karma and the Heights for 0ver 20 years.
        No one should live in any of the three places with a family.
        Get rid of the Socialist Progressive liberal strong hold on the city of over 75 years and it might have a chance to heal.

  • #JusticeforKervinGarcia

    I knew him personally. He was one of the sweetest, most caring, loving people i have ever met. He loved those kids more than anything and ill do anything to make sure those kids are raised by the right family. Only a few people on this commenting section knew him personally and we can ALL vouch when we I say Kervin did not deserve this he did NOTHING wrong to be MURDERED!
    YOU people are insane.

    • Hoodrat

      I’ll bet the caseworker who had the loaded pistol pointed in their face didn’t think he was too sweet and caring. Maybe that’s just how he showed his love for people huh? I suppose we all are capable of showing signs of affection differently. To be honest, I’m just glad he won’t be able to harm anyone anymore. That caseworker is probably still having nightmares. Shame on Kervin!

    • Maria

      Justice don’t pay any mind to these heartless losers. People are always ready to judge and be harsh like they’ve walked a perfect path in their lives. Don’t feel that you have to justify him to anyone. All that matters is that he was a good person and a good dad. I pray for his children, rest of his family and friends. He’s probably proud of you sticking up for him. God bless you.

  • Ann

    When did the world become such a place were people felt the need to deny a peaceful rest to someone because of their past? Listen to you all. Absolutely pathetic. You are all as disgusting sitting on your “i never did a bad thing” throne. Shame on you. I bet your the type of people who never did a thing to make a difference yet sit and complain about every little thing.

  • Juan W.

    and the complete breakdown of the black family continues. Money can’t fix this. Only a change of heart and values can stop this downward spiral. And, no, I’m not a racist.

    • reason

      Umm yes you are. This is about as racist as a statement can be. All you need to do is peruse the news stories here. The vast majority (and the most heinous of crimes) are by white people. (you can thumbs down all day but that doesn’t change the truth). But in your mind we shouldn’t make sweeping statements about the breakdown of white families. Each of these cases (just like white gun mass killers vs. Arab ones) you will say are “isolated” incidents and speak nothing of the white person’s race, family or religion.

      • reason

        Well Juan. I don’t know if you are Hispanic or just posing as one. If you really are then you don’t need to go any further than the next comment (Our House…) to see the sadness of hatred, ignorance and racism. If your just posing, get a life.

  • #AllLivesMatter

    Every single one of you who are makeing assumptions about him, to the people who dont know him, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Was he a saint no, but none of you are obviously, because if you were you certainly wouldn’t be speaking about someone like that. Regardless of what anyone may think or read about him only the people who knew him will know. He was a great. And every thing hes ever done hes done for his kids. He could have one baby mom or three. Thats not the worlds business. But he loved his kids more then his own life. And knowing there safe will aid him to resting peacefully.

  • Frank N.

    Google this guy’s name. There’s a local story from a year ago where he pulled a gun on a social worker checking on his kids. Not exactly father of the year material. Certainly didn’t deserve to die but he doesn’t appear to be a saint.

    • b1ackskies

      I actually knew this man personally. I don’t know why he pulled a gun on a social worker. Maybe he was afraid they would take his children. We worked together at goodwill taking care of mentally disabled patients. He was always very good to the residents even when they were combative. Not everyone is. He raised his 3 kids alone because the mother was an addict. Nobody is perfect. He worked his ass off pulling 80 hr shifts a week. He was not a bad person and his death is a tragedy.

      • Truth

        No, he wasn’t a good person if he pulled a gun on a social worker. No, he wasn’t a good person if he associated with people like the ones who shot him. This was no random incident.
        Enough excuses

      • CeeMe

        Lots of people have good qualities, but are aren’t perfect. Still, you don’t pull a gun on a social worker even if afraid, and social workers don’t visit for no reason. Also, we’re not getting the whole story here. It’s rare for someone to get killed when they open their door, unless someone was gunning for him, for some reason.

    • Get your head out of your butt

      He was just a normal guy going around pulling a gun on government workers. No big deal! We all do that once in a while!

  • maria

    God bless you Kevin, your children and family and all who loved you. May they all find peace and bond together.

      • Want to go back to the 1950s

        It was Obummer who expanded the welfare numbers! Let’s encourage more people to pump out kids so the working class can support them! The democrats need voters bad enough to make their very existence dependant on bleeding heart democrat policies! That way drug dealers and their baby mommas, with no recorded income, can get free premium health care, housing, food, utilities, and a new Iphone! All the while, we get to pay for it. Keep working…..someones welfare lifestyle depends on it!

      • The Real Roy Moore

        @Want To Go Back To The 1950s: Please do so immediately. Your brain is still there; might as well reunite with it, even though it is clearly defective. Just a few points, unworthy opponent. For one thing, of all the people I know personally who are on the dole, Every. Single. One. of them is white. Oh and perhaps you’d rather live in Texas, where their current Representative, Blake Farenthold (R., Texas) used $84,000 of Texas taxpayers’ money to settle a sexual harassment claim that, by the way, “never happened.”

  • Build that damn wall yesterday!

    What, does calling Mr. Garcia a “devoted father” make him something better than what he was? Let’s not sugarcoat this guy folks. He was obviously a troublemaker,(Legal or not, I’m not sure. Probably illegal.) I’m glad my father wasn’t a “devoted father.” If he were, I would have never had the opportunity to know him.

    • Shiek Yerboutti

      Exactly, the way this is written makes it sound completely random. The chances of a random attack like this are so miniscule its practically zero.

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