‘Coolbaugh Angels’ Keeping People Warm

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MOUNT POCONO -- With cold weather here again, some little baggies are warming up the heads, hands, and hearts of people in one part of Monroe County.

Members of a group called the "Coolbaugh Angels" once again left hand-knitted marks in places throughout Mount Pocono.

"We noticed a lot of people do walk in this community and we do have buses, so you have to walk from your home to the buses and we also noticed not everyone is wearing a coat or gloves and things so we saw a need and decided it was simple enough to knit and crochet some things and hang them up," said Michelle Demarsh, Coolbaugh Township.

Hundreds of winter wear pieces were scattered throughout Mount Pocono and Coolbaugh Township.

Hats, gloves, scarves and more can be seen pinned on trees, railings, even doors like here at the Mountain Center.

"It's unconditional. You don't have to do it, but they do it, it's how they feel. You have to keep people warm. You have people that don't have anything. We do what we can and so do they," said John Hynes, Feeding Families Ministry.

The angels decided to do something a little different this year. They put a lot of the hats, scarves, and gloves in plastic bags just in case it rains or snows. Since these bags have been clipped up, almost all of them have been claimed.

This is the third year the group got together to leave these creations behind.

Each item is free to those who need a little extra to stay warm.

"You know this kind of is our Christmas in a way. It really feels great to be able to put this out there and when they are gone immediately when you put them there and drive back from putting others out and they are gone already, it's such a nice thing to know someone is warm because of you," said Demarsh.

"There's a big need. We have a lot of homeless people around here and we do what we can and everyone does what they can also," said Hynes.

The "Coolbaugh Angels" plan to hang up more winter wear in February.