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Southern Columbia Makes 16th State Appearance In PIAA State Championship Football Game

Marking their 16th appearance in the PIAA state championship football game the Tigers of Southern Columbia are 1 win shy of a perfect season. The only team left in their way
is from District 10, the (14-1) Wilmington Greyhounds. The team that likes to grind it out on the ground.

"What they are doing with their running game this year is what we have done many years not currently but many years in the past is that they have balance both of their half backs have rushed for like a thousand yards along with the fullback," said Jim Roth.

On 41 rushes Southern dismantled Dunmore last week in the Eastern final amassing 422 yards. A healthy Gaige Garcia emerged as the team leader. At this point last season Garcia was injured and missed the state final.

"Last year it was just like a blah. I can't believe that this is happening. This year is like so real I mean I am getting ready to play in a state final game and it's just a great experience right now," said Gaige Garcia.

"I mean it's a huge boost. You've seen what he's done in the post season. You've seen what he's done in the regular season. He's gone over 2,000 yards. I mean he's been contributing on the receiving end too so I mean he is just a big part of our offense can't be thankful enough to have him back," said Julian Fleming.

"We we're in this position last year and didn't get the job done so everyone has been talking about it. We've been talking about it all off-season this is where exactly where we want to be and it's an exciting time. Just trying to get the job done this time," said Stone Hollenbach.

Lately Southern's defense stingy only allowing Neumann Goretti 161 total yards and last week the Bucks got 164.

"This team is like our redemption tour the Southern Columbia redemption tour 2017. We are redeeming ourselves from last year and are not going to allow anyone to stand in our way and we are going to put Southern back in state prominence and playoff season," said Andrew Bell.

Kickoff for the tigers is set for 1pm this Friday from Hershey park stadium where Southern Columbia is going for their 8th state title in school history. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Columbia County.