More Security on ESU Campus After Attempted Assault

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Students are on high alert at East Stroudsburg University after officials say a man grabbed a female student who was walking through a lot between Smith and Normal Street Tuesday night.

"I do think it's scary. I mean if it happened to me, I would be terrified. I would drop everything and either beat someone up or run," said Megan Hurst, ESU student.

University officials say the woman was able to get away and university police were notified.

It's believed the man may have followed the student to the parking lot. It's unclear if he is a student.

"I guess travel in a pack. Use the buddy system? I am not really sure," said Robin Caswell, ESU student.

"It can happen to both people, not just women. It can happen to men, too, so everyone needs to be alert," said Hurst.

Campus officials tell Newswatch 16 they are ramping up security, making sure students know patrol units are out there. They want to remind students that if something happens, report it immediately.

ESU student Megan Hurst says she has night classes this semester on campus. She's happy to hear the university is taking a proactive approach to make sure students feel safe.

"I think it's a good idea, especially at night. Everything at night is a little bit more scary. It's darker, hard to see, and hard to identify whether it is a friend or foe," said Hurst.

Campus officials are encouraging students to visit the university website for safety tips or download a smartphone app called "LiveSafe."

The app gives students a direct connection to campus safety.

Click here for ESU website tips.

Click here, for information on the app.


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