Former Officer Accused of Stealing from Girlfriend

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WAYNE COUNTY -- A woman from Wayne County says she was swindled out of her Christmas savings from a man she met on an online dating site. That former police officer is now behind bars facing felony charges.

The woman wanted us to conceal her identity but didn't hold back in telling us her story because she says she doesn't want something like this to happen to anyone else.

She says she trusted the man she was dating because he told her was a police officer.

It all started on the online dating app Zoosk. The woman from Wayne County received a message from Jerry Kudajeski. He said he was an Avoca police officer interested in getting to know her.

"Actually, he knew people that I knew, and his profession, and we just kind of hit it off on the phone, and it kind of went from there."

She says within five weeks it was over and her bank account about $2,000 short.

"It was only a few weeks until he was into my information and into the bank account and I didn't realize it."

Kudajeski is now behind bars and facing a felony fraud charge for what happened late last month. The woman says Kudajeski called her in a panic. He had run out of gas and asked for the numbers to her Honesdale National Bank debit card.

"I felt bad, that's the kind of person I am. I felt bad and said, 'alright.' and I did something totally against my gut instinct."

Before she noticed, about $2,000 went missing from her account. Police say Kudajeski used it to pay bills for his family.

It turns out he's married and the woman suspects the only thing remotely truthful Kudajeski told her was about his job.

Here previously served as an Avoca police sergeant in 2014 but the chief of the department says Kudajeski resigned almost three years ago.

"There's a menagerie of things that I missed."

The woman would work with police to arrest Kudajeski. She asked to meet him Tuesday evening in Carbondale. She spotted him at a Turkey Hill in town where police put him in cuffs.

The woman says watching it all, she felt sorry for her former boyfriend and embarrassed about being made a victim, but, she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

"Pay very close attention to your instincts, and do a little investigating, deep investigation, before you start to see someone."

Kudajeski is locked up in the Wayne County Prison, unable to post bail.

The woman we talked to hopes the arrest gets him some help.


  • laura

    i don’t feel sorry for the so called victim. she went to a raunchy dating site and was dumb enough to give up her bank numbers to someone she met on it just because he claimed to be a cop. desperate? a scammer herself who got played? that’s what most of the women on those sites are. be interesting to see her name out there and if any guys come forward saying she scammed them. it’s possible men she’s scammed have no idea where she’s really from. i do feel bad for this guy’s wife though. she had to find out about him doing this and now has to live with the shame while this woman who deserves the shame gets off with a concealed identity.

    • Disgusted

      Your comment is despicable! If you want “the truth” show up at the courthouse. The only stupidity here is you running your mouth with no knowledge of the situation!

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