College Student Who Killed Roommate After Drunk Argument over Fast Food Sentenced to Three Years

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AKRON, Ohio — A 23-year-old man will spend the next three years behind bars for stabbing his roommate to death after a drunk argument about fast food.

23-year-old Kendal Scheid of Norwalk, Ohio, will be eligible for release in six months, according to WJW.

Duncan Unternaher

Scheid earlier pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of 23-year-old Duncan Unternaher, of Newark.

Police said the friends were drunk when they got into an argument about the fast food they were eating at their off-campus apartment last December.

The sentencing happened exactly one year after Unternaher's passing.

"When we're all born, we're not guaranteed our next breath. I praise the Lord, my creator, that I was blessed to have Duncan for 23 years of his life," his father told the court.

Judge Rowlands read letters from people who knew Scheid and Unternaher in the courtroom.

Scheid's attorney has called it an "unfortunate accident" and has said that Scheid had another roommate call 911 to get help after the stabbing.


  • SMDH

    Every day we read another bizarre story where the justice system fails us miserably. No wonder people are becoming desensitized. No accountability, no consequences worth mentioning—anything seems to go. This is not what the framers of our constitution envisioned. We have gone sooooo far astray and the direction and trajectory of that departure only signal things will not get any better. Prayers for the victim’s family. I know I’d be devastated.

  • Bill K.

    So he got away with it, basically. Three years in prison for killing a man. Probably less since he’s eligible for parole in six months. And he’ll probably have “time served” added on making that six months even less. That’s all Duncan’s life was worth. No amount of prison can bring Duncan back. But saying “Oh I was drunk, my bad” is a sufficient reason for knocking over a stop sign. But not killing a person. Kendal should get some kind of punishment. Duncan’s relatives will have to live the rest of their lives without a loved one. Kendal should have something forced on him to constantly remind him of his “my bad” moment. We all know what’s important in this world…money. Kendal should be forced to pay Duncan’s family or a charity of their choosing $300 a month for the rest of his life. Of course, money won’t bring Duncan back. Nor will it free Duncan’s family from their grief. But it will exact some kind of punishment that six months behind bars fails to do. As it stands, in 30 years this ass won’t even remember the name of the person he killed.

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