What Happened to ‘Rover Drive?’

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RALPHO TOWNSHIP -- Driving along Route 54 in Elysburg, it's hard to miss the aluminum statue outside Vic's Transmission. It's known as "Turbo Man."

"That's been there forever," Bob Pasco said.

Turbo Man has a dog named "Rover Drive," which was not in its normal spot when owner Vic Lisiewski came to work last Wednesday.

"Came in and noticed that Rover Drive was missing. We didn't know if we had to call the SPCA or what," Lisiewski said.

Turbo Man and Rover Drive have stood outside Vic's Transmission for nearly 20 years. They are known as the auto repair shop's mascots.

"We hand-built the Turbo Man and Rover Drive," Lisiewski said.

Some people in Elysburg call them landmarks.

"People just stand there, come by time after time and just stop and look at it," Jim "Stecky" Williams said.

"Vic has the tall one chained, but I guess he needed to put a leash on his dog," Dave Noll said.

Vic had Rover Drive chained up just like Turbo Man, but someone cut through the chain, and unfortunately, the security camera was pointing in the wrong direction.

People in the Elysburg area know about these robots and really like them.

"Our Facebook page went wild in the last week. I can't believe all the activity. Everybody is disgusted," Lisiewski said.

In fact, Lisiewski is offering a free oil change to whoever brings Rover Drive back.

"It's just one of those things they've had for years, you know," Williams asked.

The statues are made out of aluminum and transmission parts. Ralpho Township Police are aware and contacted nearby scrap yards.

"I think it's crazy. I mean, what can anybody gain out of that," Pasco asked.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Rover Drive, you are asked to contact the Ralpho Township Police Department at 570-672-9892.


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