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Two School Employees in Poconos Could Face Wiretapping Charges After Allegedly Spying on Janitor

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP — Two school employees in Monroe County could face wiretapping charges.

A grand jury is recommending charges against Joshua Krebs and Alex Sterenchok.

Krebs is the supervisor of support staff and Sterenchok is the technology supervisor for the Pleasant Valley School District.

Both are accused of setting up a camera in April of 2016 in a break room at Pleasant Valley Elementary School to see if they could catch a janitor not doing his job.

Teachers and other staff members argue their privacy was being violated.


    • Whip

      Break rooms have an expectation of privacy, especially when administrators direct staff to use that room for private phone calls. If they decided a video camera was necessary for some reason they had an obligation to tell the employees about it or it’s an Unfair Labor Practice. Regardless most people fail to understand this was not just a video camera but an AUDIO camera which was listening in on all private conversations.
      Federal law mandates that at least one person being recorded be aware of the recording, which never happened since neither Mr. Krebs nor Mr. Sterenchok were in the room. PA State law states that no recording is legal unless ALL participants are aware of the recording. They broke a federal law and a state law. Not to mention it’s just plain creepy. Anyone defending this doesn’t understand the law. Not to mention the facts alone don’t add up to someone just trying to catch a custodian not doing his or her job. Plenty of other ways that could have been done.

  • not a step

    Who actually believes it was set up to catch ‘the janitor’ doing something? That’s a dog-ate-my-homework excuse.

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