Municipal Building Opens in Ross Township

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- The doors to a brand new municipal building in Ross Township are now open to people like Juan Villagra.

He got to see the inside of the building near Saylorsburg for the first time while dropping off paperwork.

"Excellent. I followed the construction. They did a good job. We are happy for them. It's a good-looking building," said Villagra.

The new municipal building sits next to the former building, where tragedy struck four years ago.  A gunman opened fire during a meeting, killing three and injuring others.

Employees have been working out of this building for about two months.

"Oh, I think it's great. It was much needed, not just because of what happened here but because of everything that is going on in the world," said Ruth Mackes, Ross Township.

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Community members we spoke to say they are happy to see the old building close and the new one open for more reasons than one. They believe it's a fresh start for people who work inside.

The building was paid for by grants and insurance money. It has meeting rooms and enhanced safety features including bulletproof windows.

"I think they all feel safer now. Yeah, the world is scary today," said Mackes.

The property is also home to a playground and walking trail.

Kelly Doughur brings her dog here daily.

"We love having the park here just for walking him. There is really nowhere else to do it in the area, so yeah," said Doughur.

There is no word on what township officials will do with the former municipal building in Ross Township.


  • Dinty

    How many municipalities are putting in bulletproof glass? Seems extreme. They must be expecting a sympathizer of that idiot to seek revenge or something.

  • Jamal Stevens

    How about not stealing peoples homes to avoid such things? That guy worked his life to get his little property only to have it taken by jack booted thugs who stole it and were going to sell it for profit. Suprise. When you victimize people, they fight back.

    • warningfakenews

      I remember this case but really hadn’t delved into the details until now. While Mr. Newell took it upon himself to do this and is solely to blame for committing murder, it seems that the government officials may have created the circumstances leading to this. What stands on what was his property now, who owns it?

    • Warren Searfoss

      I was just going to say that.. people push someone to edge and are surprised he fought back the only way he could .since he had no money for a lawyer and the supervisors had the township lawyer on call.. everything newell did to try to get a head was stopped by these people… poke the bear enough and you will get hurt

  • warningfakenews

    When something bad happens, we seem to be blaming the buildings it happens in. Sandy Hook, and now this.

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