Attempting to Avoid Arrest, Man Falls Through Kitchen Ceiling

SCRANTON -- Police didn't have much trouble nabbing a man wanted for aggravated assault in Scranton.

According to court papers, officers attempted to arrest Justin Thompson, 29, of Scranton, on Sunday at his girlfriend's apartment on Bryn Mawr Street.  Thompson was wanted on aggravated assault charges from back in September. He tried to hide in a crawl space but ended up falling through the ceiling and into the kitchen where police were waiting.

In addition to assault, Thompson is now charged with child endangerment because when he fell, he landed within a few feet of some children.


  • n/a

    Ya the idiot who fell through the ceiling I know him but didn’t know what was going on he deserve to be in jail good Scanlon police

  • Yours Truely

    So you mean to tell me, That this was so “Important” you put it on the news. I don’t believe you, I need more proof. There must have been Seaman or something.

    • warningfakenews

      The charge of endangering children because he landed within “a few feet of them” was a stretch.

      Cops not happy enough with a license plate light out, they needed to add weaving in the lane of traffic and failure to use directional, too.

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