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Two Nabbed after Vehicle Vandalism in Northumberland County

COAL TOWNSHIP -- More than 50 vehicles were vandalized in four communities in Northumberland County over the weekend.

Most of the vehicles were parked in front of or behind houses. Some of these houses have video cameras which came in handy. That's how police caught two young men they are calling suspects.

Terry Sullivan and his wife live in the Shamokin area and depend on a van to get them where they need to go. Now they must borrow a friend's car until they get their van fixed. That's because the side window was shot out with a pellet gun.

"I got out. I was actually heading to work to get my paycheck. I walked out and saw the glass beside the van," Sullivan said.

Sullivan is not the only one whose car is damaged, not by a long shot. Coal Township police tell Newswatch 16 there are more than 50 vandalism complaints in Kulpmont, Shamokin, Mount Carmel, and Coal Township.

Some people saw the damage on Friday.

Angel Tammaro of Kulpmont saw it Saturday.

"The kids came out and they're like, 'Mom, why is there glass all over the road?'" Tammaro recalled. "I didn't believe them. I thought they were joking. I lost it. I started crying and everything."

Michael Domaleski only has about 5,000 miles on his Ford F-150.

"I got it in June and I'm trying to take care of it," he said. "Just like that, $700 damage over someone being an idiot."

According to police, two suspects were brought in for questioning after their car was seen on surveillance video.

Coal Township police tell Newswatch 16 one suspect is a juvenile and the other is 19. Both admitted to all of the vandalism. Neither has been charged yet and car owners are mad.

"I want to find them and I'll run them over," Tammaro said.

Terry Sullivan believes his van will be an expensive fix.

"That window? Yeah, because of where it's located and what the function is for it."

If you live in lower Northumberland County and your property was damaged over the weekend, you are asked to contact your local police department.


  • Earl Simmons

    They always pick the lowest of the low, and toothless of the toothless to interview. Terry is a animal abusing scum bag, tru story. I bet there was enough nauseous stank in that wan, an open window may help.

    • Me

      There’s gotta be a running bet at WNEP: Everyone throws 5 or 10 bucks in everyday and whoever can find the biggest mutant wins the pool.

  • Not for me

    I’m surprised that area doesn’t have a much higher suicide rate. I drove through that area once and did everything I could not to drive my car into an abandoned strip mine in fear of never being able to find my way out again.

    • Tommygunn

      Facebook. Helps those in norry and skook deal with the pain , they got a forum now to act like they are in high school again in the depressed area . its preventing total mental collapses.

  • Coalregion18

    You are all idiots and probably never lived anywhere else. You’re probably old geezers too. I love it when people know nothing but try to pretend like they do.

  • seen it all

    Wanna bet the parents / kids don’t have two nickels to rub together ? , Always when douches damage other peoples hard earned property on purpose .- and have nada of their own.

  • I used to live there

    They were probably checking the vehicles for drugs because they ran out. Chances are they made out pretty good too!

  • Coal crackers

    In this part of Pennsylvania, vandalism is considered a sport. Vandalism under the bleachers of a High School football game is the ultimate feel good climaxing moment.


      Sad to say but life stops for some at 18 in the coal region ; well 19 at mount carmel. once high school football is over. then it becomes a downward spiral for some of drugs and debauchery. especially the ones who stick around.


    This area is something else. Between the strange fires, shootings and vandalism. Detroit or Gary Indiana might be better. There is nothing here anyway. Some people got high school sports at least to fall back on.

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