Stroudsburg Businesses Still Impacted by Hotel Renovations

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STROUDSBURG -- The Hideaway, Sarah's Corner Cafe, and Jock N' Jill's on Main Street have been closed since the spring.

Written in dust on a kitchen countertop are the dates Stroudsburg business owner Barry Lynch thought he would be back in business.

Lynch runs two bars and a restaurant that have been closed while major renovations are being done to the Penn Stroud Hotel.

"I don't know. The landlord, Keyur Patel, isn't willing to give me a date. I met him on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and he told me that I would be back in business late December, early January, to quote himself," said Barry Lynch,  business owner.

The scaffolding came down at the front of the building that faces Main Street last week.

Lynch says it's progress, but not enough to allow him to get into the bottom floor where he leases space to start cleaning up this mess.

"It's this disrespect in the meantime. You and I just walked through Jock N Jill's and we found a truckload of insulation. I didn't know it was there. I never OK'ed it to be put into the bar. That is our space. That type of thing I find frustrating. There is no need for it. We can work together and accomplish a lot more together than we can this way," says Lynch.

Even though the scaffolding is down now, while it was up, it didn't just disrupt Jock N Jill's and Sarah's, it also hurt other businesses on this side of Main Street.

Managers at Goomba's Pizza tell Newswatch 16, they make most of their money at night, but many people stayed away because of the scaffolding.

Sal Novello says they are just starting to bounce back.

"It's been rough the last few months with the scaffolding. It's an eyesore, but since it's been down, business has picked up," said Sal Novello, Goomba's Pizza.

Newswatch 16 did reach out to the building owner, Keyur Patel, but he has not returned our phone calls.

Work continues on the hotel, but an opening date for that and these businesses still remains unclear.