First Meeting for New Scranton School Board

SCRANTON -- The financially troubled Scranton School District has a new leadership team.

The new school board was seated Monday night, and the members know they have work to do.

Scranton schools are facing an $18 million budget deficit, a troublesome figure that's even caught the attention of Harrisburg.

Newly elected school director Barb Dixon is the board president.

She spent 30 years as a teacher and administrator for the district.

"I used to teach accounting, so we have to look at this budget, and it's just nice to have people on board who know numbers," said Dixon.

The teachers union fears a combination of layoffs and higher taxes will be necessary to close the $18 million budget gap in the Scranton School District.


  • I pay taxes too

    Squeeal!!! The new School Board Prez. “used to teach accounting”! I’m sooo happy!!!! Gufffaw!!!!!

    • Fester Rumblenutz

      This appointment will change nothing. The degenerates who have run the SSD into the ground are still calling the shots. Watch this Thursday they will appoint their crony blogger to the board after fake interviews. Dear State please take the keys away from these idiots.

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