Boscov’s Angel Trees Fulfilling Christmas Wishes

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SCRANTON -- While you are doing your Christmas shopping this year, you can check people off your own list, but you can also do some shopping for people who are less fortunate.

"You can always dig down a little deeper and come up with a couple of dollars," said Dolores Roberts of Peckville.

Boscov's has been displaying Angel Trees at Christmas time for more than two decades. This year, there are three at the Boscov's in downtown Scranton, serving Lackawanna County, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the Gino J. Merli Veteran's Center.

"I think they're fantastic. Everyone always has a few extra dollars after they've bought their family gifts. So why not give it to someone who really needs it? These kids today, times are hard and I think they're going to get harder," Roberts said.

All you have to do is take a name tag ornament from the tree, fulfill the Christmas wish right at the Boscov's, and employees will do the rest. They will wrap the gifts, then deliver them.

"I think it's wonderful that people recognize that there is need out there, and they're willing to make sure everybody has something at Christmas time," store manager Steve Vituszynski said.

It's only the first week of December, and already dozens of gifts have been wrapped. If those giving trees are empty before the Christmas season is over, they'll donate gift cards, too.

"The very first day that we put the tree up two weeks ago, we actually had people in line so they could pick off as soon as we put the tree up. So people come and do it every year. It's a great event, and we make a lot of people happy," Vituszynski said.

Many of the name tags do not have normal Christmas wishes, but everyday life essentials like socks and underwear.

"So what I try to do when I take one of these is I get them the socks or their pajamas or whatever they want. You can always find a cheap doll or something to throw in with them. So they know they got what they need, but also what they wanted.," Roberts said.

You can also find Angel Trees at other Boscov's locations like in Wilkes-Barre and Pottsville.


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