Dirty Santa Toy Run Benefits Kids in Schuylkill County

NEW CASTLE TOWNSHIP -- An event focused on offroading will help provide a Christmas for children in Schuylkill County.

The Dirty Santa Toy Run was held Sunday near Pottsville.

More than 800 ATV and dirt bikes were registered.

The cost to register was $25 and a toy donated to the Saint Clair chapter of Toys For Tots.

"We're excited to have the chance to show people the off-road community isn't just about riding around on trails and making dust and making noise. A lot of us have big hearts and it gives us a chance to show that," said organizer Marco Sanna.

The event collected more than 1,000 toys that will go to children in Schuylkill County.

This was the second year for the Dirty Santa Toy Run.


  • seen it all

    Rich idiots destroying the environment and it’s played off as “charity” , some “story”. so an $8k ATV , trailered on your truck to somewhere destroyed by off road drivers and loads of gasoline burned and it’s a cheap toy not the $25 fee that’s donated , I would be ashamed , but not these entitled idiots .

  • Necho Allen

    These people bash not only ATV owners but motorcyclists in general all throughout the season and you want to do an interview? It is a good cause this time, but what about all of the vandalism done to local property owners on your last protest ride for the landfill? The good trails were left open if you respected the trail, now imported idiots have screwed it up by leaving trash in the woods and destroying gates to stop illegal dumping started by the new residents of surrounding towns. Some of the best trails in the country are closed or privatized every time something like this story happens. Which eventually leads to cops in the woods when you want to leave society behind. Freedom is not more rules or monetary payments. Freedom is survival, just as survival is freedom.

      • Necho Allen

        Just what was said. Let me take a guess that you are mostly sitting around doing nothing with your life and complaining about people that have different prospects to seek out other than conformity. That sucks. Being targeted after the actions of other idiots while loosing area in your locale sucks more. A respect driven system turns into a place where mostly fines get written for dumb things because the out of towners left and you are trapped on a trail cleaning up the messes left by the fancy folks from the cities while getting handed a fine for being in the woods. Not too progressive ITLR

      • BERRIOS

        Necho Allen, The slumlords took over the small towns in the skook and nearby places such as Shamokin, Mount Carmel and Lansford. The damage is done and it is just going to be worse. The old hardworking have unfortunately been passing away in the small towns. Current day high profile skook workers, the teachers ,county workers and people who work up the prisons on a tax payers dime have decided to move out to their new overpriced skook subdivisions and the borough and city cores have all gotten worse. Then you got an entire generation aging from age 60-85 that still leaves in cheap borough and city housing, when they die who do you think its gonna buy up those properties! City slumlords~! Cycle gets worse! There is no demand but dirty demand for the skook. The only ones making consistent money without layoffs are the people with government jobs, which in relativity is a small portion of the working tax base. The health care workers, the distribution center workers, truck drivers, retail workers, coal miners, construction hands and small business owners are getting crushed here with rising taxes to support declining services and overpaid government workers..

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