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Rally in Lewisburg Over Tax Reform Bill

LEWISBURG -- A tax reform bill passed in the Senate overnight and people in our area who oppose it worked quickly to stage protests.

Dozens rallied in Lewisburg in direct response to the Senate's actions.

Protesters at the rally expressed anger and concern about what the GOP-led bill could mean for their families and their future.

Signs of frustration were on all four corners of 3rd and Market Streets in downtown Lewisburg on Saturday.

Those at the rally told Newswatch 16 they were not impressed with the GOP passing a tax reform bill in the late hours of the night.

"What I see is Republicans trying to pass this in the cover of the night with no oversight," said Steva Stowell-Hardcastle of Lewisburg.

The planning for the rally began earlier in the week, but when the bill passed, they knew they needed to come out and let their voices be heard.

Some cars honked in support as they sang the song "We Shall Not Be Moved."

Organizers say they don't want the middle class to be forgotten.

"The tax bill is so big and complex that people can feel alienated and that they don't have any power in what's going on, and at its most fundamental level, we learned that democracy is people coming together and talking face to face and working," said organizer Jordi Comas.

With signs reading "Regulate Greed" and "Greed Kills," people gathered on this intersection worried about the future of their families.

"Sure it might help with a little candy upfront, but I think once people see the deductions they are losing and this money isn't coming back to us at any point, it's a scam. It's a fraud," said Rick Thomas of Lewisburg.

With a son in college, Thomas worries what obstacles this bill could mean for him and his family. He wants a bill that would be fair for everyone.

"People may get that taste of a little extra dollars in my paycheck. Come five or six years from now, when that goes away and they begin to realize, wait a minute, I might have gotten it back then but I am paying it back now," said Thomas.

The Senate tax reform bill has to be reconciled with the bill passed by the House last month. Then, both chambers would have to vote on that legislation before it can head to President Trump's desk.


  • get real

    Apparently many people here have offshore investments and private jets — good for you! The rest of us are screwed by the GOP. Hit thumbs down all day long as you open really really wide your wallets.

    • Robert

      To lazy to make a living, so you want my money. Your going to be very disappointed. Don’t spread my money. Spread my work ethic you POS!

  • NoSocialism

    Small protests like these are the training & practice runs of local socialist Alt- lefts, radicalized Dems & progressives, thier groups are made up of so called agitators, actors & brainwashed millennials blindly following the lead of thier socialist “leaders networking on social media, news you wont see on here

    • are you kidding?!?

      I see more boomers.

      Trump is going to steal your Social Security and Medicare. Said no one ever*.
      *except Democrats. The Party with no platform other than, Tax the rich and free everything.
      The Republicans are not much better. Their Platform is, we may be a herd of cats, but we are not the Democrats.

      • Bob Calvey

        Been hearing about how Republicans are to steat social security from senior since the 70s gee it is still there imagine that

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      You’re hilariously ill informed. Every one of these protests that I’ve attended or seen has a mix of people of all ages and social and economic backgrounds. I’ve met small business owners as well as students, as well as others like me, lower middle class worker bees. We all want a better United States and are willing to devote our own time to that end.

      • Ivanazan

        The organizers of this thing are named in the article, the ALT-LEFT political intentions are spelled out on social media pages, the goal is socialism & that doesnt work. The main danger being they will vote for anyone, hitler came into power the same way.

  • trucker

    So I google “Steva Stowell-Hardcastle of Lewisburg” and guess what?
    Every far-left issue from “gun violence” to “health care” comes up!
    What is the term for paid professional protests called?

  • Lloyd schmucatelli

    Screw protestors in general.

    I do think it’s trickery however, that tax bills are passed at 2am in the middle of the busiest time of the year. Everyone in conveniently preoccupied.


    The machine keeps grinding forward.

    • joe just joe

      This was only the senate’s version of a tax plan. With any tax legislation there will likely be loopholes to take advantage of. I’m all for getting more dollars upfront at this juncture as the dollar will become more valuable as dollars get eliminated from the system via falling asset prices…which will most certainly happen at sometime during Trumpf’s first 4 years. I didn’t look at either plan that was voted in (house or senate) so I don’t know where the loopholes will be. But certainly nothing to beitch and moan about. The rich are getting richer by default. Every person in America with $1000 to invest could have done the same damn thing the rich did from 2008 until now. The ones beitchin and moanin are always the ones who beitch and moan. Ever notice that?

  • Smh

    No more tax deduction for business expenses. This will end the small business. Meaning less jobs = more people on welfare = more whining from the right. No one wins.

    • joe just joe

      Ut oh…that means some of the small business owners paying employees in cash so they can avoid the tax consequences have no use for the “miscellaneous” expense deduction. Looks like Johnny Cash, the employee, gonna lose his job. Ut oh part 2…are you hiring by chance? :O

  • Pepper Jack

    Under Obama, a poor family making less than 30k pays no federal taxes. In fact, they get money back from the EIC – earned income tax credit…….up to $6,000.00 refund all while paying NO federal taxes. So let’s see, heat assistance, free cell phone, access card, free internet…….maybe it pays to be poor

    • lookback

      Yes many of them are retired veterans, so you believe they should be allowed to starve and freeze after serving our country, but hey try living on what you mentioned, see how wonderful it is. The GOP tax plan throws some crumbs at the working man and in 6 years they come back and take all your bread but the filthy rich and Wall Street millionaires get to keep theirs. Guess what happens to local and property taxes when the money from the fed no longer is given to the states,But hey Trump said everyone is going to get a $4000 raise in their paycheck, so go to work on Monday and ask your boss for that raise, at least he will have a good laugh to start his day just like all the the Goldman Sachs executives are laughing all the way to the bank, but like a street beggar some are satisfied with having a few crumbs tossed their way.

  • Notofakeprotestors

    I would like to watch local news with the confidence that this news station can be trusted to report the facts, that the organizer of this protest is anti-trump everything & can not taken seriously as an honest representation of real news & honest views, so much for research

  • are you kidding?!?

    The Democrat faithful complete with their pink kitty hats.
    Dark of the night? Don’t they realize that this has to go back through The House for reconciliation? I guess they skipped that part of the civics class that day.


      Greed made the GOP sell its alleged values (no new taxes, deficit neutral, etc) to appease their donors and the expense of the rest of us and the goos of our country. Of course they all hail to the traitor in chief Donald Trump. Can’t wait to see them all go down and for the GOP to get voted out in 2018. Lock them up! Lock them up! Ha, ha, ha…

      • Robert

        I’m not talking politics. I’m talking cold hard facts! Places where people can own property succeed. Places where people must share fails. You need a history lesson. Your playing the fools gambit. Whatever. Borrow on the next generations dime, so you can afford to be a failure. The only good news is you look good in blue!

      • Tom J.

        Why is it greed when people want to keep some of the money they have earned and it’s not greed when YOU want to take it from them?????

    • JohnKimball

      That’s not untrue. Did you ever take a look around any supermarket in this country and marvel at the incredible selection of food at such low prices, no matter where you are? That’s not there because of charity. It’s there because a business person took a risk hoping that it would pay off and make them money.


      No, they obviously do have a clue and care enough to protest and are smart enough to know that Trump and the GOP just committed the biggest heist our country has ever known. Wake up!

      • Tom J.

        Allowing the people who pay taxes to keep more of it is a heist?? Whose money do you think this is?
        You’re a fool.

      • Ivanazan

        The protesters were sent by liberal globalist fruitcakes to make a fuss, if asked what they protest they could only answer with uneducated senseless mumblings, obama is still lurking behind the scenes, scheming with foriegn entities to further his evil agendas, anything Trump tries to do for the good of the country will be fought by Dems & the foreign infiltration, theres your sign

  • Pepper Jack

    Ha ha ha ha ! where were these people when Obama was raising taxes ?! nice agenda, WNEP, but get out of the way of a growing US economy. The vile woman in the pink vag**a hat told me what this small crowd was all about without interviewing one of them. These people need to get over the election and their anger. Nice agenda, WNEP


      Obama raised them on the wealthy not the poor and middle class. This is the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich from the poor and middle class in history! The GOP should be ashamed. Vote them out in 2018 and take Trump and his dirty white house team with him. In the meantime, GET A CLUE!

      • Eric Barton

        Explain to me how it is a transfer of wealth from the poor who pay no taxes and will continue to pay no taxes and the middleclass who will get to keep more of their money from reduced taxes. Can’t be a transfer unless money is taken.

      • Ivanazan

        You are clueless, what did obama do for the poor & crime rates in our cities, he made it worse! Just because some people are ambitious & successful doesnt mean you should punish them, only pay a fair tax, and I know many “poor” people, obama did nothing to advance their situations, the fact that Trump was elected is a happy sign the people are waking up

    • Ivanazan

      Obviously you embrace the Dems agenda to continue the downward spiral of the common people and thier ability to support themselves with more jobs & stronger economy, the tax cuts are an excellent boost

    • Notofakeprotestors

      Why would we listen to protesting sponsored by far left groupies training ignoramuses to “get all fired up” for your radical ideas

  • cheap tightwad

    They should be using their efforts to demand that departments and agency’s be closed along with the sale of federal land. If not the printing presses of the fed will make up the difference and devalue the currency. There are only two ways the government collects funds, taxes and printing money.

    • joe just joe

      Yeah, well, “they” should have at least figured out what happened to the $trillions$ that went missing from the 2015 defense budget before awarding and upping defense spending like Trumpf did. Trumpf stopped me dead in his tracks with that decision. I thought you guys thought Trumpf was a bidness man. He “obviously” isn’t going to be concerned about past transgressions.

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