Following Police Chase, Car Slams into Home in Dupont

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DUPONT -- A police chase ended in a crash late Friday night in Luzerne County.

The crash happened just before midnight along Chestnut Street in Dupont.

A car ran off the road, took out several street signs, and slammed into the front porch of a home. The driver was hurt.

Officials said the crash in Dupont ended after a police chase that started in Plains Township.

Police have not released any details, including what led to the chase. The incident remains under investigation.


  • caroline

    for all ignorant individuals on here … the young man involved died at the hospital. he was not part of the cash for kids either. he was someone’s child, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend. keep your ignorant comments to urself.

  • warningfakenews

    “Police have not released any details, including what led to the chase. The incident remains under investigation.”

    Last night, on American Greed, they revisited Kids for Cash. We may not know what happened in this case here- probably nothing more than routine police work, but we want to keep in mind just how corrupt unchecked government officials can be. Those kids suffered immensely, they were deprived of their constitutional rights, and sent off to PA Child Care to keep the slush funds flowing. Luzerne county residents paid out the slush money, the money lost in closing our own facility, then paid for the trial and restitution to the affected people.

    We need to stop letting judges oversee judges, lawyers oversee lawyers, and cops oversee cops.

    • get real

      While I absolutely agree with your conclusion regarding “inbred” oversight, once again I have to lament your paranoid assumptions. First, we live in a *society* and we agree to rules and laws. Anarchy has been eschewed even by the lowest of animal societies. Given that, we have to have some level of trust that the people we empower (be them police, judges, the guy driving next to you) will engage our society responsibly. There are bad people of course and again I agree with your call for better oversight. However when a cop flashes their lights, there is a law that you must stop. It’s a rule we all agree to when we apply for a driver’s license. If you don’t stop, the police have a *responsibility* to apprehend you. If you don’t want to obey the laws we have made — don’t drive (or work to change them).

      • warningfakenews

        “While I absolutely agree with your conclusion regarding “inbred” oversight”

        We need people who honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and we need to have people overseeing that people do. You agree with the important part of that equation- that the same clan that serves us in positions of power should not be the oversight committee. Anything else you could agree on is just gravy.

      • get real

        wfn; I absolutely agree there must be impartial checks and balances — from the local cop, judge and magistrate to the President. I just can’t find any usefulness in your (libertarian?) point of view that begins by assuming that all government is bad and should be done away with. Having lived abroad many years and seen abject poverty, a complete lack of infrastructure, food that is not safe to drink or water that is not potable, I frankly think we are a spoiled nation that complains about problems that don’t exist. Our government, in spite of it all, has done a pretty good job to maintain a country where we have the opportunities we indeed have. Of course we must remain vigilant and informed — but not paranoid.

    • Cleanupluzerneco

      Get Real, Im glad the police are able to start cracking down on these scumbags, thank you Pres Trump! this was a dangerous person & deserves to get 20+ hard time for putting lives at risk, bring back the chain gangs & put em to work picking up all the garbage these slobs throw on the sides of our roads

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