Explosion at Turkey Farm in Schuylkill County

WALKER TOWNSHIP -- An explosion rocked a turkey farm in Schuylkill County.

Firefighters tell Newswatch 16 flames destroyed a barn at Koch's Turkey Farm on Zehners Crossing Drive near Tuscarora.

The fire also damaged equipment, but no turkeys were hurt.

Investigators are looking into what caused the explosion.


  • trucker

    Thank goodness!
    The thought of the turkeys being harmed would have been terrible. BTW is this a turkey retirement farm or a turkey petting farm? :)

    • warningfakenews

      Pretty much the same way you can jump 2 feet in the same direction as the earth is spinning and not end up 100 feet in the other direction.

      Now if you really want to blow your mind, study quantum physics and begin to understand that not only is there no forest, there are no trees and there isn’t anything that can make a sound unless a conscious entity is aware of it.

  • Brain Laundry

    If you have the stomach- Search, “Pets Dogs Clubbed to Death for Chinese Restaurants”. You will never eat Chinese food again and think twice about shopping at certain places that mainly sell Chinese products. The narrator states, “Some dogs collapse and are dragged by their necks paralyzed by fear, some lie silently, as though loyally awaiting the return of their human companions”. Then they club them with a pipe as they screech blood and collapse. One of the most horrific things I’ve ever stumbled across while researching political talk, and Russia is always on the news? I don’t like this world and tragedies happen every moment. What are we doing to make this life a better existence? There is the government that you are really up against. Puppy clubbing conts that give you limits on reproduction.

    • Taco Salad

      I hear Republicans will actually gut a poor person alive if they hear they swallowed a nickel.
      Doesn’t stop them from feasting on the morons who keep voting for them.

    • warningfakenews

      Ben Franklin was a vegetarian, although, not always a faithful one. He recognized a moral dilemma in the consumption of animals, but also acknowledged how tasty they are.

      Dogs are an interesting case, we in our society view them as companions, friends, sometimes almost equals- but other societies differ. Sometimes people view them as necessary sustenance which is needed to feed children to avoid starvation. No animal or human truly enjoys the point at which they meet their demise, and brutality at this point doesn’t do much to sell the point that we find it acceptable to eat animals.

      • Brain Laundry

        My point is that there is a conflict with every action that we a have choice in. It seems that you might have picked up on the meaning of my expression. Certain social constructs have to hold true while some of us find it in religion, some are more enamored with their status, while others just carry other’s opinions out of experience. We need a fresh look at the world around us. This isn’t working.

  • Muddy Waters

    I’m just going to chill with Mike Stevens on The Pennsylvania Road. I’m practically sleeping on my grandparent’s living room floor again listening to his soothing voice at this point. WNEP is good on that. Looks like an electrical problem of some sort here. Probably forgot to split panels and it made a loud “pop” at the weakest link when it captured AC draw. If you hear a “hum” from your electrical panel this winter? Call an electrician post haste before you or your family are dead. Hopefully Happy Holidays.

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