Body Found in Wayne County Identified

SALEM TOWNSHIP -- Investigators have identified a body found near a wooded area in Wayne County.

State police identified the victim as Jerry Patrick Bruno, 53.

Two hunters discovered Bruno's body near Goose Pond Road in Salem Township on Thursday.

How Bruno died is still under investigation.


  • Robert mawson

    Moreover,that Robert baron thats “alledgly missing”thus,someone pulled a jimmy hoffa on him is not what happen….this is a case of i wanna be missing, a wealthy family only putting $10,000 up reward that’s unheard of has all the earmarks he doesn’t want to be found in his family knows what’s going on making fools out of all of us

  • Robert mawson

    Who’s the moron to do snow Mafia Luzerne County Lackawanna County child employees within the courthouse judges and lawyers good epitome corruption you have to did the biggest piece yet they sentence people for stealing and being dishonest or hypocritical

    • Robert mawson

      People keep on talking about that missing pizza guy all the earmarks are in the $10,000 reward his family has more money invested in the big Billboards all over the valley it’s a no-brainer is on the island somewhere where there’s bags of money there’s about $40,000 in signs and a $10,000 reward out for him again listen to that country song I’m on a mission to be missing guarantees on some Island somewhere with his bags of money with some beautiful young Dame

    • Robert mawson

      I’m on a mission to be missing..lmao..must be having time of his life,…anyone can pull a lose tooth and spit it in a sink,no clue of him,do u think if he was missing without a trace by his alledged abductors they would leave a tooth in a sink.anf blood,..nooo….if there where a scuffle how come the state police crime lab didn’t find one hair sample of anybody else no fragments no hair samples no DNA just his there’s no scuffle by that sink it was just his by the sink it’s really a no-brainer is wealthy family there’s a $10,000 reward the who’s going to go out to search all over the place for 10 grand when they got about 40 $50,000 and signs all over the fan the valley trying to convince everybody he’s missing…..ooooh im on a mission to being missing arrest his family too third behind this

  • Robert mawson

    The more on the said there’s no corruption Luzerne County Lackawanna County courthouses all employees and judges cops and all them officials are a Pitta me corruption yet they sentence in people for stealing and being dishonest there hypocritical

    • Robert mawson

      I talk on my phone and and sent this text in the prior one…luz,co and lackawanna is polluted with corruption,i am a father that been fighting to see his children for 14 yrs ,my ex wife cindy remarried to a luz,co sheriff eric lamoreaux had influences on the judges cuz their family and friends and kept my children with me for over 14 years I do not know my son today needs 20 he was brainwashed to hate me by his mother and a guardian of Litem John Bellino and corrupted children and youth services Wilkes-Barre my ex-wife also carried on affair with attorney Carmen Latona when he represented her in a criminal case in 1996 I got proof and evidence my daughter’s even the witness that she remembers him coming around or when she was a child but car Latona tried keeping that a secret and influence the judge’s and to keep my children away from me so they can’t talk because of Ethics violations that he had affair with his client all these years my children were kept from me because it is all these everything I’m telling you collectively here the affair started when he represented Cindy in the in a criminal case 1996 attorney Carmen Latona all of them put the Knicks into my visitation to case number was 3484 c2000 my daughter’s recently the one that jumped off the Market Street bridge pregnant she’s a mental mess because of these courts the corruption and everything and it’s something got to be done with Children and Youth Services in Luzerne County this kid is so confused and mental wreck from the courts the guardian of Litem the corrupt the judges the guardian of Litem lying saying he met with my daughter several occasions that she never wanted to see me up in Shickshinny my daughter now 18 never said she never talked to that Guardian Ad Litem Bellinio I’m also the one that got attorney Angela Stevens audit for over building Luzerne County taxpayers over $100,000 she hired her own audit and repaid $40,000 back to the county and took herself off the court appointed lawyer list and no criminal charges or put on this her for tax evasion and theft cuz she’s a Stevens but since she’s somebody she didn’t get any criminal charges but if it was you or I will be doing 100 years in jail for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of a taxpayer she was a court-appointed lawyer over bill in the county Google attorney Angela Stevens overbilling the county in from the county Luzerne you say there’s no Mafia you don’t want to get me started the Luzerne County Courthouse is the devil’s Palace the epitome of corruption the only decent judges are judge Jennifer Rogers Joe sklarski Junior, I also sued the Pittston City Police Department for lying and Corruption the case number is cv400 Mawson vs Pittston City Police I’m a constitutionalist and I study the Constitution the police.Retaliated on me yet against the same cop after I just settled out of court and they had to refile another civil suit and costing you taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend the civil suit the police don’t care it’s insurance policies policies and taxpayers that is no expense out of their pocket and I think they should be able to be sued individually as a private person put liens on their homes and garnish their paychecks ..i just filed another civil suit on same officers retalitory action case Cv 400 mawson vs pittson police that the same officers had falsified traffic tickets in my new case is officer shumosic,officer Desimone,and Ferandes, these cops need to be put in jail they also shot this guy 9 times * when 1 bullet would have been enough ..they all have a 20 ft stun deadly force should have been the last resort ACLU even commented that they should have got an outside Branch to investigate that matter that you can investigate your own…moreover,.. the best thing judge jen Rogers started for children is the kasa program, where to corrupted of Litem John bellino or CYS don’t have their filthy corrupted fingers in , how about kids for cash judge conahan and chiverella you say there’s no Mafia that courthouse is the devil’s Palace the epitome of corruption , and I do believe district attorney Stephanie salavantis is a good prosecutor but I do think that woman needed mental health that stuck the hose in her exhaust pipe that sholls woman she never even started her car she was sitting there if she wanted to do it she would have did it in a dark desolate road somewhere not all these buses and people running around and parked lot she knew that was a high traffic area and somebody was going to see that obvious hose in the window …10 years no prior records..a decade in prison is ovetwheling crule and unusual/over kill when it didnt go to actual commission of the offense nor are all the elements met… it’s really a sad day in America you think them children don’t miss their mommy,,,whos really gonna suffer,…them children asking everyday …where my mommy…devastated…. look what happened to my daughters who jumped off the bridge so lost never slowely built a relationship with me ,where strangers unable to bond , shes so mentally distraught and a mess I finally met her at 14 when she ran away from home from Shickshinny to this day it’s hard for us to bond all these years later meeting we bump heads and don’t even have a dialogue cuz we didn’t grow together…that if it wasnt for newly elected Judge Jennifer Rogers I would have never met my daughter ..that Rogers seen the corruption ….shortly after she started that kasa I really believe that….judge Rogers and judge sklarski..what a great start after getting rid of conahan and chiverella kid for ca $h judges…..former judge conahan and cheveralla putting people in prison for decades for stealing,when under our noses at very same time stealing millions their wife’s and children are enjoying ,while one mothers son hung himself in a cell never having proper mental evaluation to see if his young mind can cope with confinded in a prison cell ,that poor mother,my heart is so heavey for her,..her sentence by conahan and chiverella..LIFE of heart ache… so before you come at there’s no Mafia and you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about please don’t don’t assume things…. everything’s mainly about Revenue Revenumoney putting money into the County Treasury putting money into the police department’s treasuries tickets,fines, its a industry,mob,in cognitoe, suits and tie,greed,.i disect luz,co and police departments and court appointed Lawyers that steal like atty,anglea stevens thats laughing at all thats in jail for which she got away with…lord only knows how many decades she was court appointed Lawyer or how much she stole until i brought my concerns to commissioner steve urbun luz,co…
      Oooh you don’t want to get me started there’s no corruption or Mafia

  • Tom Brady

    Does anyone know what happened to that pizza store owner who went missing?? I haven’t heard any updates on it in awhile.

      • Robert

        Who’s the moron that said there’s no Mafia in Pennsylvania this is one of the main Aries political corruption especially all the court officials in Luzerne County that are convicted people for being thieves when they’re epitome a thief judge’s crooked lawyers and cops

    • Robert mawson

      Do you really think he’s missing, his wealthy family only has a 10k reward, did you ever hear that country song I’m on a mission to be missing….10k…..he dont wanna be gound,i hear theres alot of bookying onup in Old Forge… he’s on some Island right now with his bags of money kicking back what’s some young beautiful Dame running from The Bookies listen to that country song I’m on a mission of being missing

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