Voluntary Limits on Water Use Urged in Parts of Susquehanna County

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HALLSTEAD -- Pennsylvania American Water is asking customers in Susquehanna County to voluntarily limit water use because of below-normal rainfall over the last few months.

The company is asking its customers in Hallstead and the surrounding communities to voluntarily reduce the non-essential use of water.

This notice applies only to Pennsylvania American Water customers in the following areas:

  • Hallstead,
  • Susquehanna,
  • Great Bend,
  • Lanesboro,
  • Great Bend Township,
  • Oakland Township.


The following non-essential uses should be eliminated:

  • Watering of lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, or any other type of plants except by hand-held hose or container
  • Water use for the purpose of washing any paved surface area, including washing streets, garages, sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  • Watering any portion of golf courses, other than tees and greens
  • Water use for ornamental purposes, such as fountains, waterfall, etc.
  • Water use for cleaning of any type of motor vehicle
  • Serving of water in clubs or restaurants or any other public eating places, unless requested by customer
  • Water use for flushing of sewers, except as deemed necessary in the interest of public health and safety
  • Use of fire hydrants for any purpose other than fighting fires. This includes fire practice drills by all fire departments


The voluntary water conservation request will remain in effect until further notice.



  • Bill K.

    Oh here we go with “The Drought” again. Don’t they remember when it rained every day from April to June? then down to twice or three times a week in July and August? I’ve never seen an area where people just love the rain, cold and snow. It doesn’t rain for two days and everyone starts crying “we’re in a drought!”. OK, let’s say we are in a drought. How much damage does it do? How many homes are swept away in a drought? How many basements are flooded in a drought? How many roads are impassable in a drought? I’ve never seen farmers not harvest their crops even when it’s alleged there IS a “drought”. Enjoy the clear skies and dry highways.

  • Mike

    Anyone that doesn’t take this serious needs to take a ride to Comforts Pond which is Susquehanna water supply. I’ve never seen it so low. Suspicious how low compared to other near by bodies of water.

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