The Thief Who Stole Festivus

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SAYRE -- Most of us have heard of the Grinch who stole Christmas but who stole Festivus? A couple from Sayre aired their grievances after finding out their 6-foot aluminum pole has gone missing.

If you've never seen the Seinfeld episode before, the rest of this holiday story probably won't make sense to you.

The holiday that was first introduced in a Seinfeld episode nearly 20 years ago has since hit the mainstream.

Robert Warzniak and his fiancé Jamie Quinn from Sare celebrate the unusual holiday.

"It's a secular nontraditional celebration. Kind of rails against the commercialism of Christmas," said Warzniak.

There's plenty of holiday cheer in Howard Elmer Park. Three years ago in addition to a Christmas tree, Warzniak asked his borough if he could put up a 6-foot aluminum pole.

"We were under the impression the borough had taken it down but we went to a borough council meeting last week and they don't have it and we said we don't have it so we're out of a pole," said Warzniak.

Seems someone stole the Festivus pole.

"It was probably Kramer from Seinfeld."

Even though the pole went missing, buying a new one could go against the anti-commercialism holiday. Luckily for the couple who started it in Sayre, someone donated one.

"I would like to meet the person who took it. I have been performing the feats of strength," said Warzniak.

As for the airing of grievances, thanks to the support the couple doesn't seem to have any.

"The community came out to replace everything and to show us support," said Quinn. "So they enjoy it just as much as we do."

The Festivus pole, the signs and the lighting come to about $100. The couple is still looking for them.


  • DemoRats!

    Your worried about $100 worth of scrap while the junkie whom stole it costs us thousands in ebt payments every year

  • Writer Girl

    Who even gives Festivus any thought besides these two jerks and the nimrod Seinfeld lovers? Stupid.
    What’s with the No Bagels? Was that part of Seinfeld or are the people just Anti-Semetic?

  • Pepper Jack

    so WNEP actually paid a reporter to file this simpleton story and links to CNN WIRE for the tough stuff? Wow, the liberal news industry really is in free fall. I do have to cut them some slack though- losing Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, and Garrison Keillor all in one week has to make an industry question itself but what do i know?

  • burtfan16

    It would never have been Jerry or Kramer. Jerry had a care less attitude towards other people’s actions and Kramer loved the holiday. It was GEORGE!!!

  • warningfakenews

    “The Festivus pole, the signs and the lighting come to about $100. The couple is still looking for them.”

    The pole is almost definitely residing in the nearest scrap yard, awaiting shipment out.

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