Crews Cranking Out Christmas Candy Canes

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LEWISBURG -- When you think of Christmas treats, candy canes probably come to mind.

A company in Union County is known for its homemade candy canes.

It's busy at Purity Candy in Lewisburg as people bought some homemade treats for the holidays.

Mandy and Evelyn Mika drove from Kingston.

"This was my first time here last week when we came and we're returning and it's one of our favorites," Mandy Mika said.

The Mikas came for something specific: candy canes.

"We came to buy them, actually, last week and they weren't ready yet. It was worth the second trip coming to get them because we so enjoy them every year," Evelyn Mika said.

The holiday favorite is a best seller at Purity Candy and for a while, the store was out of wintergreen.

Newswatch 16 tagged along as Purity's president John Burfeindt made a batch of wintergreen candy canes at the main store near Allenwood. One batch makes around 500 canes. Burfeindt does this constantly.

"During the Christmas season, mostly every day," he said.

This is a quick process. Once the candy canes are cut, they harden within a few minutes. The crew shapes them within about 30 seconds.

The team makes about a dozen flavors each year.

"We always have our stand-bys -- peppermint, wintergreen, licorice, that kind of thing. Then we always add a couple of fun ones every season. This year is cola and tropical punch," Burfeindt said.

Customers tell Newswatch 16 all that hard work keeps them coming back.

"It's special. I have not found the flavor in over the counter candy anywhere," said John Rowe of Lewisburg.

Every Saturday through Christmas, the store near Allenwood holds an open house so people can watch employees make the candy canes through a window.


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