Cookie Sprinkleton Comes to Town

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OLYPHANT -- He is a really big elf with a really big job. His name is Cookie Sprinkleton and he is in Olyphant for the Christmas season checking on all the little girls and boys in the borough before the big night when Santa arrives.

Cookie Sprinkleton flew into Olyphant from the North Pole for the first time in December 2015 and he has come back every December since. He's a life-sized elf, so he does not really fit on the shelf.

"We were so excited because we wanted him to be out for the kids to see on the school bus and the school bus goes by here every day," Cathy Comonie of Olyphant said.

Cookie the Elf has become part of the family at the home on North Garfield Avenue in Olyphant. He flies in every night to check on all the little boys and girls in the borough.

"He came back into Olyphant last night after his trip to the North Pole and was in his rain gear because I guess it was raining all night last night," Cathy explained. And his themes always seem to be timely; he went hunting on the first day of hunting season.

Since Cookie's home is in the heart of the community, he has gotten a bit of love from the Lackawanna County borough.

"Cookie gets fan mail. There's traffic jams here all the time because people want to just stop and see. It's all ages," Cathy said.

He even as quite a following on social media.

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Hanging up the lights!

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"He has over 1,000 followers as of this week," said Cathy's daughter Courtney.

But he has not gotten the social media thing down just yet.

"He has a little bit of trouble with technology coming from the North Pole. I take some pictures of him and send them to him so he can post them easier," Courtney said.

Santa's 7 and a half foot helper really displays the magic that is the holiday season.

"It brings things back to a simpler time. It's the family interacting together. Of course the elf is watching the children to help them to behave for Santa,"

You can go meet Cookie for yourself at the corner of South Valley and North Garfield Avenue in Olyphant from now until Christmas.

UPDATE: Cookie must have enjoyed his airtime because on Saturday, we spotted him wearing a shirt and tie and sitting behind a WNEP anchor desk.

Cookie the Elf sits behind a WNEP anchor desk in Olyphant.


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