Bradford County Commissioner to Challenge Congressman Marino in 2018

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A Republican from Bradford County is ready to take on veteran Congressman Tom Marino from Lycoming County.

Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko says he will run in the 2018 GOP Primary in Marino's 10th district.

McLinko says he wants to make the region's opioid crisis a priority.

Marino was on deck to become President Trump's drug czar.

He withdrew from the running after a 60 Minutes piece criticized his efforts to combat opioids.

Marino has said he will run for re-election.


  • Ross Garside

    “….after 60 Minutes did a piece criticizing Marino’s efforts to combat the Opioid crisis.”
    That is the complete OPPOSITE of what “Marino’s efforts” were about. Marino drafted the bill that BLOCKED the DEA’s enforcement against illegal opioid drugs.
    And an average of 13 kids die per day, just in Pa, as a result.
    What an incredibly Orwellian “spin” statement.

  • Mike

    Marino is indeed running. His office is one of the best there are at answering the phone and Tom is for the Trump agenda. Tom will get my vote again.

    • Joel

      Dude we need more info as to why not. I’m a republican voter and I’m interested in this, so spill the beans

      • Nope

        Dude, I’m a Republican voter myself. I ask myself what has he done for Bradford county all those years in office? I can’t think of anything he’s done but to take nice photo ops for The Daily Disappointment.

      • Mike

        Marino is pro Trump. He’s put forward a bill for term limits. Ryan has refused to take it up. And this week he drafted legislation to end the slush fund for Congress to pay off accusers. His office always answers the phones unlike the moron senator that we have. Yes you Toomey. Answer your damn phones. You work for us.

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