Body of Missing Man From Schuylkill County Found

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WEST BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP -- State police say they have found the body of a missing man from Schuylkill County.

Izzy Whalen of Orwigsburg was found dead Friday afternoon near Carlisle.

The 23-year-old went missing in early November.

His friends and family held a prayer vigil Thursday night for him.

His family said Izzy had a history of depression and mental health issues.

State police do not believe there is anything suspicious about the death.


  • Writer Girl

    Pharmacuetical, like I said, that was your experience. It’s not like that for everyone and yes, people with serious mental illnesses are more heavily medicated than those with just depression. It depends on one’s circumstances.

  • Screw Driver

    Carlisle is about an hours drive away from Schulkill Haven where the original report was cast. Now it is Orwigsburg? I don’t see how this lad walked there dealing with the street roamers in sock attire that people are joking about now. No actual concept that there might be a real crime here that could affect them or their loved ones just because they read a swiss cheese story and conformed by posting lame comments? Seems that there might be a danger to your own community if you are on here. FOuttaHere with your holier than thou bs and think for a minute. “He’s reported to be mentally ill. Must have jogged for a couple days, took a nap, and died in the woods”. Does that make sense?

    • Coal crackers

      No, your wrong. 97% of FRACKVILLE is depressed. When all you have to look forward to is Highschool sports, single mothers on Facebook and Yuengling beer that tastes like azz, a person will become maniacally depressed. Not to mention your landlord’s foreclosure on the beautiful rowhomes.

      • Roofer in the polish poconos

        That is very distinct. I grew up there, so which part of the 3 parts of Frackville are you talking about? The corrupt part where the criminals are related to the town council members and stealing money, the corrupt West Mahanoy part with power hungry people doing favors for friends, or the part out by The 2 Miler that welcomes exploding meth labs and suicides or homicides? You are an aristocrat if you live in Frackburg according to those that run that area. Welcome to Apocalypse Hazelton. A suburb of demise.

      • BERRIOS

        The only one that gets paid in the skook is teachers, administrators and county workers. Taxes go up services are atrocious and when your house burns down or you have a medical emergency, non professional inexperienced, volunteer firefighters, who some have been shown smoking in some of the fire pictures come to your rescue. This is a sad sad commentary in almost 2018.

    • Concernedcitizen

      It is pretty obvious and not very funny what happened to this young man. Due to familial wishes or this being so new, they probably would rather not reveal explicitly what happened. It is not okay to laugh at other’s misfortune.

  • Writer Girl

    So very sad. I know three or four people who were in the same boat and did the same thing. If they had gotten/continued with professional treatment, they would have likely recovered. Condolences.

    • Pharmaceutical destruction

      I suffer from depression myself. The best thing I ever did was discontinued my medications and therapy. Therapy was a joke. You would talk to someone who hated their job and the State was paying them $12.00 an hour. Basically I was “bothering him.” And the meds, now that’s even a worse scam. I was fed meds (like crazy) that made me feel like a trainwreck 24 hours a day. Toxic waste if you will. I feel much better now that my brain is not saturated with this poison. I believe medical marijuana would be a much more humane treatment. But this is not an option due to my employer’s random drug testing and the State’s eagerness to accumulate pricey DUI arrests.

      • Writer Girl

        Well, I’m sorry that was your experience. It wasn’t for some other people I know, whose lives were turned around by therapy from good healthcare professionals. It takes awhile, years, even, but I know a guy who went from doing drugs and being depressed and aimless, to working a good-paying job and getting married and enjoying life. Illnesses like manic depression and schizophrenia are a different story, but advances in medicine and therapy have helped thousands to live productively, in spite of their illnesses. I would urge anyone experiencing depression and/or mental illness to stay on medication for awhile and get a good therapist. Most people with moderate or even serious depression can go on to live a good life, if they put in the effort and do what is necessary. We weren’t given life, so we could live in pain and fear. There is hope for something better.

      • 🤔

        My nephew has schizophrenia and he quit taking all of his meds but the Seroquel at night and he’s way better now than he’s been in a yr and a half. He couldn’t even function on all of the meds. I think it depends more on the person and how the meds react to them. They switched him so much that he didn’t get a chance to get used to them to see how they worked. But, like I said he’s way better now than he was.

  • 🤔

    I’m glad they found him but sad he’s gone. The family can move forward now. May he RIP. Prayers to his family and friends at this horrible time.

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