16 To The Rescue: Ditzy

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UPDATE: Ditzy has been adopted.

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Newswatch 16 is on a mission to try and help area rescues and shelters find forever homes for some of their animals.

Ditzy, a sweet 4-year-old boxer mix, has been at Camp Papillon near Stroudsburg for a little over a year. She's very shy around new people and needed a little coaxing to come out and say hello. Treats usually do the trick.

Her story is similar to many other dogs that come here

"She was in a kill shelter, they were going to put her down, so we rescued her."

Gabriella Kennedy has been working at Camp Papillon for a year and tells us Ditzy does have special needs. She can't see very well, which causes her to spook easily, so a quiet home is best.

"I know she can see shadows but sometimes it's not the best vision, obviously, and that's what scares her a lot," Kennedy explained. "When she sees new people she crouches and hides and a lot of people are turned off by that, which is why she's been here for so long."

She just wants people to give her a chance. It just takes a while to see that personality of hers. And workers say once you get to know her, and you gain her trust, she's the sweetest and is quite playful.

"Sometimes it takes a little to get out but when she's out, she runs and plays and she loves the water."

The shelter prefers Ditzy be the only dog in the house, but there are exceptions. And cats are a possibility.

"We're just hoping there's that person who takes the time to learn who she is, because she would be a great addition to the home, definitely."

If you think you're the right person to adopt Ditzy, contact Camp Papillon here.

Click here for additional resources for pet adoption.

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