Volunteers Ready Berwick Christmas Boulevard

BERWICK -- A holiday tradition moving into its 71st year starts again this weekend in Berwick.

From decorated Christmas trees to elaborate displays, Christmas Boulevard is on Market Street once again.

"I used to live in Hazleton and when I was a kid we used to come see it from Hazleton," recalled Tom Metz of the Berwick Boulevard Association.

Volunteers spent the morning checking displays and working on the lights. The Berwick Boulevard Association is in charge of Christmas Boulevard which is about one mile long.

"Where we normally are on a Friday night, we were there last night. Each year, it's getting a little bit better because we have more help coming out," said association member Mike Monico.

Monico is in charge of Christmas Boulevard. He tells Newswatch 16 a large number of businesses, organizations, and volunteers are involved.

"This is a tradition that nobody wants to see die. It's a fun time and free entertainment for the family."

"The kids seem to really like it. They love it, especially when Santa is down below handing out some potato chips," said Mark Andrews.

Andrews remembers walking up and down Market Street as a kid looking at the lights.

"And then with my kids, we used to drive up and now with my grandchildren, we're back to the old tradition. We come up at least twice through the holiday and we walk up through the other side."

The display is organized so people can drive down Market Street at night and check out the Christmas lights.

Berwick's Christmas Boulevard opens this Saturday and runs every day until the new year.

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  • Nick from NEPA

    Traffic nightmare with cardboard cutouts… What happened to when it really was something to see back in the 80’s & 90’s when I was a kid? Animations, gear pully scenes with moving parts(really brought out joy & imagination), people shows, etc…. each block. Really wowed you back in the day. Now it’s just trees and cardboard cutouts you read. If you are going to do it, do it right, or do not do it at all.

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